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3 more bodies found on volcano


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nandakandamanda-san, what are you talking about? An eruption would certainly be preceded by magma movements that would trigger a early warning and everyone would make it out in time... wait a minute... Huh, ok, I see your point now.

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I wish there was a site to see the recent volcanic tremor info.

Good luck to the recovery personnel.

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An eruption now and these poor struggling bogged-down rescue workers would be unable to move. Even the shields they have been given for light protection are extra weight.

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I greatly respect the courage and the determination of all helping to return the bodies for proper rites and respect. It is worthy of far more notice and honour that this sad event is receiving..but yes there is a risk, and they all are taking that as part of their gift to the deceased and their families.

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I wish there was a site to see the recent volcanic tremor info.

Don't look at just the recent data, look at ALL the data. Japan has tremors EVERY DAY. What is it about the tremors today that makes it any different than the tremors yesterday or the day before? Or the year before? Or a decade ago? People seem to think that tremors in Japan mean much more than they really do with regards to volcanoes. In a country as seismically-active as Japan is, you have to have ADDITIONAL indicators besides "tremors" in order to get an idea of what a volcano is about to do.

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