3 more victims sue Japanese government over forced sterilization

By Kyoko Hasegawa

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Barbaric, archaic, and shameful. You should search out all of your victims who are still alive and pay them without forcing them to go through this BS

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You can judge the morality of a government by the way it treats its most vulnerable citizens...

This sick practice is not only limited to Japan, but it often seems to stem from either conservative or fascist governments...

Maybe time to grow a heart. I hope the victims win this case.

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Japan's eugenic law was as a result when they considered the interest of the whole public according to the standard of that time.

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exactly. This was the accepted practice at the time. How has it taken this long for them to realize something wasn't right?

Oh that's right, they think they can get money out of it.

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poor quality descendants, hmmm clear cut open closed case.  No one wants to pay more tax burden for poor quality humans...defective just doesn't cut it in Japan regardless if one is human it costs too much money and time..

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Every country had this kind of law.  It was legal at that time.

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Every country had this kind of law. It was legal at that time.

I am not aware of my native country ever having such a law.

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Every country had this kind of law. It was legal at that time.

Yeah, and it was legal to kill slaves too if the owners wanted to. Just because there was a "law" does not justify the inhumanity of the act.

If you use this argument as a justification as to not pay compensation, what does it say about how you?

Oh one other thing, never a good idea to say "every" and over-generalize, particularly on topics like this. It just makes what you wrote sound even worse, a typical Japanese response, deflect, obfuscate, and justify something that is morally, ethically, and criminally wrong!

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