3 nuclear reactors to become 1st in Japan to operate beyond 40-year limit


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This article, again in Japanese, lists 62 reactors nationwide and their status, down at the end of the page.

According to this, the numbers are:

7 online

2 undergoing regular shutdown and maintenance

7 okayed for restarts

11 applications filed

2 preparing applications

7 undecided

1 under construction (Tepco)

(25, including Monju slated for decommissioning)

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In Japanese, but clearly stating that nuclear will be 20-22% of the energy mix by 2050. The analysis on TV discussed how many reactors due for decommissioning will now have to be brought back on line. They found 21 around the country, but it was a struggle to come up with the last nine.

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Hmm, that sounds safe. Short memories.....

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Zichi, I saw on the news this evening that the government needs to find 30 reactors reactivated nationwide, and that these three are just the start.

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Restar superannuated nuclear plants with ignoring guideline, this is Japan's typical and traditional "Nashikuzushi".

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I knew it! Guessed an announcement like this would come just after Suga announced the out of his a....e "45+ and perhaps up to 50% drop in carbon emissions" at the recent Global Climate Summit (after pressure from the other major economic powers) It is the only way they will even get close to achieving that kind of target.

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If Japan's nuclear plants broke, radioactive contamination reaches to extensive prefectures. who bear huge cost such as decontamination are nation people.

But present system that even neighbouring prefectures cannot have authority of decision is very unfair.

Subsidy to silence unrest or opposition is mere bribery, it shows that safety of nuclear plants at Japan is doubtful.

several years before, the then chief of Japan's nuclear regulation committee has already said "we don't guarantee safe".

Present Suga government mere takes advantage of climate issue as pretext to defend nuclear industries.

Suga govt who prioritized to defend vested interests than defending citizen from Covid-19 will not defend people from nuclear disaster.

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There is a case for nuclear as part of the energy mix, but restarting mothballed, time expired legacy plants is not the answer. Going forward the introduction of new, walk away safe nuclear plants will require the buy in of the population. This will just poison the well even further.

marcelito, you got there ahead of me!!

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Carbon-neutral and dead. Earthquakes pass, but this is making me question buying a house here.

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the green water of nuclear make me want drink one or two glasses to make me feel safe cheers

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This is a really interesting experiment. I can't wait to see the results.

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UNESCO World Heritage status awaits

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If the government is committed to carbon neutrality by 2050, restarting those nuclear power plant is the only answer. You’re living in fantasy land if you believe solar and wind power generation can replace coal and oil.

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Kyoto city is about the same distance from Mihama as Fukui city. Moreover the wind blows from the north much of the year, so Kyoto gets hit not Fukui. Nobody asked the people of Kyoto what they thought about the restarts.

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We need AI doing that.

AI can't prevent earthquakes, dispose of spent fuel, or fix backup diesel generators after they breakdown. If AI can solve those problems, I'd be pro-nuclear too.

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I can just see the reactions when something goes horribly wrong -- and it will... "B-b-b-but we could never have known! TEPCO promised it'd be safe!" and TEPCO or what have you saying, "The government told us it was safe! We could not have known!"

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I am generally pro-nuclear power, it is a point I tend to differ from my typical leftist leanings.

That said, this is exactly the type of thing not to do because it is just inviting additional variables into the system. This leads to the kind of problems that makes so many people anti-nuclear power to begin with.

On the other hand, I would like to see details into how much work was done to get approval to restart. I would assume and/or hope that these aren't just mothballed reactors getting rubber stamped and restarted from the sounds of things in the article.

If they DID actually do appropriate screenings, there may not be a problem here after all. It isn't the best PR look for them either way though.

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This isn't anything to celebrate or be optimistic about.....on the contrary. And after what happened at Fukushima; also old reactors.

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offered up to 2.5 billion yen ($22 million) in subsidies to revitalize the local economy per nuclear plant 

A nice euphemism for a bribe!

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I am pro nuclear but the spouse is not, but we are both not-pro for humans running them. We need AI doing that.

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sure. why not? what can go wrong, right?

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