3 people perish in Nagoya apartment fire


Three people died in a fire at their apartment house in Nagoya early Friday morning.

According to police, flames were seen coming from the 2nd floor of the two-story wooden apartment building in Showa Ward at around 12:50 a.m. Friday. TBS reported that 21 fire engines were mobilized to the scene and it took firefighters about five hours to extinguish the blaze.

The apartment building and two next-door buildings were destroyed.

The building is occupied by four people on the two floors. TBS quoted police as saying that two bodies found on the second floor were those of an elderly couple, while the third body on the first floor was a man. The fourth resident escaped uninjured.

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Given that the temperature dropped with the strong winds and blizzards yesterday and got even colder at night, I'm betting this was the job of a gas heater (stove). In any case, RIP to those lost.

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Yeah these heaters also smell bad!!

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Unfortunately, some people forget portable room heaters--especially kerosene-fueled heaters--are serious fire hazards if instructions to use them are not followed properly. Small wonder why most recently-built homes in Japan finally have insulated walls and multiple pane windows to reduce the need to use such heaters.

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