3 U.S. Navy planes crushed beyond repair during February snow


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I would cheer at the loss of expensive, useless war gear, but, I know it will all be replaced with more expensive useless stuff at my expense.

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I probably had some dealings with those planes, but I can't say what....

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Seems to be a lot of pro-military hardware people here, people that can vote but not speak. Anyway, emphasis on the words "seems to be".

I wish I could cast it all into the sea. I might wish it all got crushed under snow, but that much snow would crush us all!

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I don't understand why this is in the May 8th-9th news...

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The planes were junk. They could have been removed. It is the same as why are planes left at airports when a typhoon is coming? Insurance for private owners and the taxpayers for the USA military. Military Unintelligence will look into the matter.

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These are the same type of planes used to perform searches for missing crewman on boats or planes that have gone down such as Malaysian flight 370. Might want to rethink the idea that all military equipment is garbage.

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Might want to rethink the idea that all military equipment is garbage.

Nope. I am sure a rescue force could be made that would have planes just as adequate for the job, and over all, save more lives, cost less money, and get fewer people killed than the militaries do.

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It's finally in the news now because the US has been investigating all this time and now came to the conclusion that this is the Japanese government's fault and so the possibility of US litigation is now being discussed. I just saw it on NHK BS1 news a few minutes ago. Pppfft. Whatever. Typical-- take responsibility for your own bullshit only when it's beneficial to do so. If there's no benefit, then it's someone else's fault.

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