3 workers sustain burns while inspecting maglev train


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An unexpected combustion

...resulting in severe burns..... would that be anything like an explosion I wonder? ( ̄へ ̄)

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An Arc Flash is considered an explosion. What Makes an Arc Flash so Dangerous?

An arc flash can produce bright, intense light; temperatures near 35,000 F; sound pressure approaching 165 dB; and a pressure wave that can hurl shrapnel and molten metal at speeds of 700 mph.

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Ouch. Maximum sympathy for these guys. I guess as the world goes electric, we will have to learn to give it more respect and build in more safety precautions..

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While Japan builds maglev high speed rail, the oil lobby in the U.S. prevents anything similar being done in The States. Not having an oil lobby is a real blessing for Japan.

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Even faster trains that even fewer people can afford--just to attempt to one-up China. No thanks.

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Last night, at a dinner, i was asked are these vworkers japanese ???. Are they Japanese ???.

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Reply to DMC27. The Maglev train has quite lower maintenance cost and almost no wearing and tearing compare to ordinary wheel on rail high speed train. Have wheels upto 160 kph which will then becom fold in similar to an aeroplane.

Do not need the widespread maintenance tasks as Shinkansen.

Summary the ticket price ought to be lower for the maglev train.

The Germa/Chinese maglev train Transrapid is cheaper to build and maintain in 500 kph or 600 kph than an HSR (High Speed Rail) in 250 kph meaning that if you can afford a 250 kph ticket the maglev ticket will be lower.

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