3-year-old boy gets partial lung transplant from mother in world first


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Great news! I was always under the impression that Japan put an age limit on these transplants/surgeries. I'm glad they were able to help this family! May the boy live a long and prosperous life!

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Good for them both.

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Is it me or was the title a little hard to comprehend the first 10 times I read it?

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Wonderful to see news like this. At 3 already has already undergone a bone marrow transplant, too.

Tough loving mom. ♡ Good luck to the kid (and hopefully other ones) from here on.

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By the time the boy reaches between 10 and 15 years old, the lung capacity of the middle lobe will not be sufficient , therefore there is a plan to transplant the lower lobe of his father to the boy's left lung in the future. ( by that time he may be able to get a lung offer from a brain-dead donor also).

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This news is definitely more refreshing to read than the usual "TEPCO/Government" fiasco ! Let's hope the little boy recovers quickly and completely with the "donation" from his mother.

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Only yesterday and the hospital has already 'deemed' it successful? That's a bit quick. Perhaps they mean that the surgery itself was completed successfully.

I hope the new lung continues to work properly and no rejection takes place. Ground-breaking surgical procedure, it could be!

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Great stuff!

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Genius! There is hope for me yet once tobacco takes its toll.

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Japan is great and I salute the lady donating her part of lungs

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Science is my god.

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