3-year-old boy hit and killed by car driven by his mother


A three-year-old boy died of injuries he received after he was hit by a car driven by his 40-year-old mother in Minakami, Gunma Prefecture, on Sunday.

According to police, the accident occurred at 1:30 p.m. at the home of the mother's parents, Sankei Shimbun reported. The mother and her son had returned to her family’s home for the Golden Week holidays.

The woman told police she was driving the car out of the parking space and didn’t see her son who was on a small toy bicycle with no pedals.

The child was taken to hospital where he died of his injuries.

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Very sad indeed. I bet them mother is distraught.

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I don’t get these 130 odd million freak crime headlines nonetheless I send my love to all the fallen and their families

9 ( +10 / -1 )

RIP, very sad.

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RIP and condolences to the parents.

This happens worldwide, but you hear about it more in Japan because Japanese news spends little time talking about other countries.

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I don't get it.... was no one watching the kid at all? Mom thought the parents were, the parents thought mom was?

100% preventable. I think negligence resulting in death and a few years jail time would suffice, but I know there are too many people who think the woman will "suffer enough" knowing her stupidity killed her child, so I'm sure she'll suffer no legal punishment.

-28 ( +4 / -32 )

I always treat a parking lot as one of the most dangerous places for kids and I would always hold their hands and make sure I could see them. Very sad and terrible way to die.

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Awful, very sad. I hope the mother will be left to grieve and receive counseling.

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I cannot believe how totally lacking in empathy some people are when it comes to tragedies like this. Look up the meaning of “accident”, and try and imagine how the mother must feel right now and how she’s going to feel for the rest of her life. Punishment enough.

11 ( +14 / -3 )

You have almost complete freedom of choice in making a comment on an article like this one. You can express sympathy, you can express qualified sympathy based on your perception of some degree of responsibility on the mother’s part, or you can just jump in boots and all and get stuck into the mother for “stupidity” or “negligence” with no sympathy expressed for the mother’s suffering, which will last a lifetime. The last choice is the one taken by two posters on this page. I repeat, those posters are totally lacking in empathy, or understanding.

1 ( +7 / -6 )


*I don't get it.... was no one watching the kid at all? Mom thought the parents were, the parents thought mom was? What is it you don't get? This scene has probably have many times over and I am sure this was not the first time the parents visited parents and the kid was there. Yes people get comfortable around "THEIR SURROUNDINGS" this was not a lake water where a curious kid should be monitored closely to prevent them from going near the water. This kid has probably played in the same area many times over and the mom has backed out of the drive way many times over and nothing occurred. Your thinking is so warped saying this was 100% preventable.* I disagree with your point saying the negligence resulting in death, but for you to say the mom should spend a few years in jail is absurd when she is truly mourning the loss of her child and you call the act "stupid"! If anything your logic is stupid. Personally I think most posters here would disagree and think that she is suffering enough. I suggest you try understand the true meaning of what the definition of was and ACCIDENT IS!!! The definition of an accident is an UNPLANNED EVENT!! This is what it is, unfortunately resulting in a tragic loss. I don't think anyone would disagree based on what was printed in the story. The mother should not be punishment, the loss of her son because of this UNPLANNED EVENT is more than enough.

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So sad. And so unnecessary. How many stories have we seen about parents not making sure where their toddler is before moving the car.

7 ( +7 / -0 )

, I hope people reading the comments will think twice about repeating this mother's mistake

it was not premeditated, it was not planned, it was a tragic accident.


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Its surely lack of care, and negligence , always hold your childrens hand when they are outside your house or the safety zone, it your duty to know where you kids are every moment.

Sorry for the mothers and fathers and families loss, now make a video showing the care that parents need to show and have for the babies and the young in their care .

Terrible accident but could have been prevented, so sorry

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BigYen: "I cannot believe how totally lacking in empathy some people are when it comes to tragedies like this."

How lacking in empathy some people are when it comes to reading about this nearly every day because no one ever gets lawfully punished enough to care and try and prevent it? You DO understand that you said "tragedies like this" implying it happens often, which it does. Trust me, I'd rather it not happen at all, and hence my lack of sympathy (not lack of empathy -- I feel terribly sorry for and my heart goes out to the rest of the family who lost someone because of this woman). But haven't we seen you make similar posts the on far too similar threads? I saw it just today -- same situation, without the accident. A mom asked her kids to wait at the end of the narrow driveway so she could back out the car. One of the kids nearly walked behind her while pulling out, but the older kid grabbed him. Mom didn't stop at all. Granted, the kid in question here was on his bike when mom backed into him.

Kaimycahl: "*What is it you don't get? **This scene has probably have many times over"*

Exactly! How many more times will we have to read about it before common sense and the threat of punishment prevail? Obviously a whole lot more if you guys have your say.

"This kid has probably played in the same area many times over and the mom has backed out of the drive way many times over and nothing occurred."

Ahhh! Well, then! it was obviously just fine except... oh wait, it wasn't, was it? Lots of people do lots of things, lots of times. If they are suddenly negligent and another dies as a result, that doesn't make it acceptable, does it?

"I suggest you try understand the true meaning of what the definition of was and ACCIDENT IS!!!"

And I suggest you look up the word "preventable". Then ask the mom if she'd do the same thing again... I mean, she's done it plenty of times before, right, according to you? And the kid may have played in the same place plenty of times before, right? So, if you asked her that, and she said "Yes, of course!" which I'm 100% sure she would, what is it you think she would do differently? Check if the kid was there? Be more careful? Stop and make sure the kid is with her parents? My question is why it takes death to suddenly realize you were being negligent to begin with? and THAT is why it is negligence. Unless you honestly believe she would go back in time and do NOTHING differently, you are admitting she did something she knows was wrong. Period.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )


You have no idea what the total picture was. You just put the finger but i wonder how you would feel if it happened to you and people say those words the way you do. But i don't think you have children.

Having a little bit respect is not much to ask right?

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What a heartbreakingly sad accident.

Anyone calling for the mother to be punished for this is clearly too stupid to understand either the purpose of judicial punishment or the meaning of the word 'accident'.

Judicial conviction exists to both punish and deter. But this mother cannot be punished any more than she has been by the death of her son and the guilt she will carry for it to her grave, and no sentence can deter someone from having an acident. The whole point of an accident is that it is not planned or intended. So it is literally impossible to deter someone from having an accident. You might say that a harsh sentence might make people take more care, but as there is no sentence that is more painful than the loss of your child there is therefore no sentence that could induce people to take more care in such a situation.

Just leave this poor woman (and her husband too) to grieve in peace.

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This is a nightmare for the family. Poor girl. And I cannot imagine the grief and regret of the mother....much worse than any legal punishment she might get. My thoughts and prayers go out to them all.

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Those strider bikes for kids can be a nightmare.

You have to be so careful

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Anyone with kids will feel sick reading such a headline. We all benefit from a certain amount of moral luck. I try my best to ALWAYS be watching and to make no errors in judgement. But, there's always some luck involved in life. I'm scared to death of the way OTHER people drive around where I live. As for this mother: I feel sick for her. I'm not sure I could go on living if I were her. There is nothing that matters more than my wife and kids. Nothing. Maybe there is nothing that matters without them. I do think that people who feel that they want to exact retribution on this mother are missing something important in their emotional lives. This news item is a horror that never ends. Never. Be thankful it ain't you.

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