30 Yokohama hospital patients suffer food poisoning


Health officials in Kanagawa Prefecture are investigating an outbreak of food poisoning at a hospital in Yokohama.

Hospital officials said that 30 patients at Saiseikai Hospital began suffering from food poisoning-related symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea after dinner on Monday. TV Asahi quoted a hospital official as saying food from the hospital cafeteria could have been the cause.

All of the patients recovered quickly following the incident, officials said, adding that all of the affected patients had been housed in the same ward.

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Higashi Kanagawa Saiseikai? If it's the one in Higashi-Kanagawa I've stayed in this place. It's a hell hole from the start. Very poor sanitation. No WINDOWS in some rooms. This report doesn't surprise me at all.

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Lucky they were in a hospital when it happened. BOOM BOOM! Hoo yeah.

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Higashi Kanagawa Saiseikai?

The full English name given on the website is Saiseikai Yokohama-shi Nanbu Hospital, located adjacent to Konandai Station on the Keihin Tohoku/Negishi Line. This one looks reasonably well maintained.

Link to hospital website:

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Of course it looks nice on the website. They keep the zombies in B ward barricaded inside. They're the ones who suffered from food poisoning and unsanitary conditions.

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