300,000 masks sent to pregnant women may be faulty

By Elaine Lies

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So, what's new?

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Really? In 20 years here I rarely go a day without seeing one

Masks remain a sought-after item in Japan.

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When I first came to japan in the bubble years I had a boss who'd repeat ad nauseam 'Japanese way: quality control' if a suggestion didn't fit his thinking, often just out of the blue, apropos of nothing. Given all the reports of numbers being fudged, I have to think 'quality control' is no longer used throughout as a standard. These masks an example.

Another line he repeated was 'Japanese way: just in time', again used to brush off a foreigner's suggestion. Looking at how many problems businesses have had getting masks, toilet paper etc etc, I have to think 'just in time' needs a re-think.

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What an embarrassment! After only half a BILLION dollars US, Abe's major disaster is still proving to be even more so. Abe should have to pay every single yen back from his own personal funds.

"The Health Ministry was not immediately available for comment, but Health Ministry Katsunobu Kato told a Tuesday news conference the safety of all the masks would be verified."

Ah, the 'Kato Guarantee', same guarantee he gave when everything on the Diamond Princess was "under control" and people being let off "have been tested and are negative" before they went on to drive buses, work at schools, and spread the virus everywhere. How about you verify the safety BEFORE sending them, Kato? not promising after faulty masks and worm-ridden masks are sent to pregnant women?

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I hear you brother/sister.

I heard the same stuff being repeated ad infinitum.

When I first arrived the Japanese were riding the crest of a wave and for a time looked to be taking over the world.

Fast forward to now and it is a world apart.

Everyone has given up.

They know their 'leaders' aren't up to it.

They envy the ladies who lead Germany,Iceland and New Zealand and they especially envy their populaces.

Now Japan's 'leader' can only spend a ton of cash on sub-standard masks after insisting Japan didn't have a CopVid19 problem until the Olympics were postponed.

Japan is looking more and more like a basket case.

When I first moved over it was so dynamic......what is the opposite of dynamic,inert?

Because whoever has happened isn't good.

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This government is cannot be depended on in the least. My wife is pregnant and we haven’t received any masks. I’m not saying that they haven’t sent them, but how long have they had to do a simple rollout? Not to mention that our tax money would be better spent elsewhere.

On a side note, we ordered masks on Ali Express (just in case people are desperate to find some) it took couple weeks to arrive but they’re gonna probably come from China anyway, at least this way they’re clean.

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Disgraceful. This government is either incompetent or negligent.

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my great Japanese wife is a midwife gynecology head nurse in Ebisu what an embarrassment bungling imbeciles

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This is a blessing in disguise. It should stop people putting their faith into a face mask that does very little to protect them from the virus in the first place.

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I hope your wife stays safe.

My wife is a Japanese nurse so I know how you feel.

It is mind boggling to see how much this country has fallen.......I don't mean superficially because it hasn't yet,I mean ethically.

The people have given up on their pathetic leaders.

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Pls consider human safety. What a sloppy action. Can these people be trusted to run a country ???.

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Abe and his LDP seem to think that it's OK just to draw massive paychecks and do nothing. This is basically criminal behaviour. If Abe were a real politician, who actually cared about the people who elected his party, he would have dealt with the mask shortage easily.

There are plenty of obasan sitting around doing nothing who would be more than happy to sew masks. He could have organised them into gung ho groups. He could have done so much. But it is more important to him to stay home, drink tea and play with his doggie.

AGAIN! Invalid CSRF!

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300,000 Pregnant Women ? Does that mean the Japanese population is going to increase ?

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"You are useress to me Arec Bardlin" - "You are useress to me Donard Trulmp"

"Oh no Hans Brix" - "Oh no Debbie Bilx"

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Do the hustle

This is a blessing in disguise. It should stop people putting their faith into a face mask that does very little to protect them from the virus in the first place.

What has faith got to do with it? Nobody claims that masks offer 100% protection, but they contribute, especially if many people use them. Why do you think that the most successful countries like Taiwan strongly promoted the use of masks? (Of course, domestically produced ones, not unreliable material imported from mainland China.)

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why outsource , you can ask Uniqlo to make medical masks, supply them with need materials.

or just buy from Sharp directly, what the h.... are you doing PM Abe,

This is not rocket science, if you let Sharp make masks, you need to tell them , portion of the masks need to go to the government and distribute it to the people.

why this all the clowning around when people lives are stake,

wow, why did you go to school? or be in politics , it's just looking good, going to parties and events,

there are actual work, hard decision/ lift/death decisions you have to make.

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So, when will the public get their TAX money back from the so called masks makers?? that were subcontracted to China and others???

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