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31 hotels and 'ryokan' in Japan certified as climate-friendly SDG locations


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It's mainly rich guilt-ridden Europeans who care about the long con SDG ratings given to businesses who've paid their dues to appear compliant.

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This is a drop in the bucket! Another rather meaningless "certification" in a country filled with them.

There are well over 500 hotels in Okinawa alone, and I am willing to guess that each prefecture has to have at least 100, and based upon that alone, it's just another "made up" certification that will be tossed in the garbage after the summit is finished.

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This will no be a consideration of mine when choosing a hotel.

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Meaningless nonsense. The Same goes for the cutesy little SDG commercial/song they have between the morning kids shows. The SDG narrative is nothing but hot air.

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The SDGs business plan, gotta love it. Saving the world, one booking at a time. Gold.

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Does that mean no heating or air-conditioning?

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31 hotels and 'ryokan' in Japan certified as climate-friendly SDG locations

Just to put this number in perspective there are about 90,000 hotels and inns in Japan. I guess its a start but.....

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SDGs are mumbo jumbo make believe scams to con people out of money.

All of the lofty goals are so ambiguous as to be meaningless, not to mention several of the "17" are repetitions.

SDG could well be the mark of the beast.

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This SDG thing being plastered all over everything these days is meaningless.

I've seen some of the moves hotels are making. Bamboo toothbrushes and combs, still come in plastic wrappings.

It's moving, but slowly. Think one step forward, half step back.

Unfortunately, many aspects of Japanese traditions make a sustainable world pretty much impossible. Single wrapped cookies and other omiyage. Needing paper to hanko. Delivery services re-using boxes = every box filled with 50 plastic air sleeves. Even the drinks come in 150ml bottles. It's like costco is the only store in Japan where you can buy normal sizes for a family. Right now, smaller portions = more waste, and re-using leads to waste in a different way.

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Just go take a look at the US with ice rinks in domes in desert.

I think an ice rink can be operated quite efficiently in the desert. It's an enclosed space. You see, we have these things call Central Air Conditioning in the US, that can efficiently cool large spaces.

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Kamikochi Imperial Hotel in Nagano Prefecture

This one is up in the mountains and the entire area is closed in winter, so its heating bill will be low. There is no private car access, because Kamikochi is up road closed to traffic. Access over the last 15km is via a bus or taxi.

If you are closed in winter and do not allow private car access, then yes, I suppose you can be relatively sustainable.

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Kamikochi is closed in the winter because the road is blocked with deep snow.

Room rates ¥40,000 to ¥150,000.

Wonderful place to stay in the red leaf autumn.

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Wow, that’s on average 0.66 per prefecture. lol

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These certification schemes are scams.

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Wow. I'm amazed at the level of cynicism this small piece of good news has generated.

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proxyMay 15  10:52 pm JST

These certification schemes are scams

Yes. They are scams as well as the so-called sdgs themselves.

DochiraToday  05:38 am JST

Wow. I'm amazed at the level of cynicism this small piece of good news has generated

No. It's not cynicism. It's honest observation.

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Do you really think that "The Tanizawa Sogo Appraisal Co. Ltd." works for free and has not started "Sakura Quality" as a way to squeeze more revenue out of its real estate appraisal clients?

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