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32 students suffer food poisoning at Gion hotel in Kyoto


A group of 32 high school children staying in a traditional Japanese inn in Kyoto's famous Gion area were rushed to hospital on Friday after an outbreak of food poisoning.

Police said that the students were staying at Karaku, a traditional Japanese-style inn in the heart of Kyoto's geisha district. The first year high school students from Iwate Prefecture began vomiting and complaining of stomach pain at about 3 a.m., NTV reported. At the time the children were taken to hospital, three of them were unable to walk, authorities said.

The students had been staying at the inn since Wednesday and had their breakfast and dinner there. The inn was reportedly already under investigation by Kyoto city authorities due to reports of stomach pain from a different group of 11 school children who stayed at the inn on Dec 2.

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Probably raw eggs or not properly washed food. Sounds like they need to state this hotel's name (Karaku, as stated above) in all the papers and TV programs so the next hotel that even thinks about not having safety first will know the consequences.

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Been a lot of this lately. Perhaps health and safety inspectors should up their game and close places that aren't up to the level they need to be?

Poor kids. Food poisoning is horrible.

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There are no Health and Safety Inspectors in Japan. No one visits restaurants to check on cleanliness, food temperature or proper storage, ever. Such an institution doesn't even exist. As long as you have a hand washing sink installed in your kitchen ( which doesn't even need a hot water tap, btw) and the fire inspector can verify it, you're good to go. Really.

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How come the hotel was still operational after first incidents without proper clearance by the health authorities?

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I know that Japanese people are fond of believing that their service industries have high hygiene and food safety standards, and maybe they do when compared with some developing nations, but it seems that not a month goes by in this country without a report of some kind of mass poisoning incident. It really does seem to happen a lot. And by the way, if my friends' anecdotes are anything to go by, there are quite a few unreported cases in which hush money is paid by the restaurant owner.

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this place (Karaku, Kyoto) has very good ratings. http://www.jalan.net/en/japan_hotels_ryokan/Ryokan/Kyoto_Ryokan/Gion_Higashiyama_Around_KitaShirakawa_Ryokan/Gion_Higashiyama_Ryokan/gion_ryokan_karaku

=costly mistakes in food can be made and excused -but fix them.

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I am sorry to hear about this. I am sure they will fix the problems as soon as they can. Let us be charitable and kind and hope for improvement. I hope the children are better by now.

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