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33 dead, 19 missing, over 100 injured after typhoon rips through Japan


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I express heartful sympathy to everybody who suffered by the typhoon.

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Seeing those Nagano Shinkansen trains sitting in the water is unbelievable...

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Not a tornado, it is a typhoon.

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The tornado was part of the overall typhoon.

Anyway, hope everyone is ok this morning and didn't suffer any damages.

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Not a tornado, it is a typhoon.

Tornados are sometimes spawned due to typhoons.

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There was the tornado in Chiba...

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@ vanityofvanities

I concur.


The pervasive concentrated stillness after one of these typhoons always gives me a bit of an eerie feeling.

The photo above capture it well.


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Widespread flooding in Nagano now. Very heavy rain throughout yesterday, Karuizawa got over 310mm!

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Yeah, as if nothing has happened. Nature's poker face, I'd guess.

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What does it take to be a real disaster?! There is two known dead, 11 missing, entire neighborhoods flooded, god knows how much damage. Let’s see once it’s over what the real death toll is. I bet it’s more than 11. It may not be 1000 but that’s only because of disaster preparedness and better technology to help stop major incidents from occurring.

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I am sad for the people who died and suffered in this natural disaster. Stay safe everyone.

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Not a tornado, it is a typhoon

I see that tornadoes are more damaging than typhoons. Cars thrown 100 meters.

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As powerful and dangerous as the 1958 typhoon, maybe fewer deaths thanks to better infrastructure and better preparations? Certainly an experience I wouldn’t like to repeat, and we came out of it more or less unscathed. I feel really sorry for those who lost their lives or loved ones, all the people who have been flooded out of their homes.

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Terrible as it is, I wish the media would say how it is the worst typhoon to hit mainland Japan in sixty years, as Okinawa, notably Miyako island has had stronger ones pummel it, even last year Number 24 in terms of winds was stronger.

Stay safe in flooded areas, keep away from steep inclines etc.

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What I saw from the video on TV it sure looked like a tornado. Sad for the folks downstream when the rivers crested. Why only 1 helicopter doing all the rescue? Is this what the new Minister of Environment meant by "cute and sexy" hmmm...

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My heart breaks for you from over sea. Is there a donation fund set up? I would like to help.

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Anyway, soon get things cleared up, and running again.

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people be safe. prayers and love form Malaysia.

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Honestly I didn’t even really notice anything in my area, Itabashi-Ku. Which is weird because my home is within 1km from the Arakawa River. I’ve been through many typhoons over the past 15 years here and this, at least in my area, seemed minuscule.

No power outages, just stayed home all day watching Netflix like any normal rainy day. No toppled trees, no damage to my apartment, nothing.

I guess other areas were not as fortunate.

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Sincere condolences to the tragic loss to families loved ones.

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This is terrible. My thoughts are with the people of Japan today.

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In terms of climate and natural disasters, Japan has it hard. There may have been a few disappointed rugby fans in Japan this weekend, but they will not forget the typhoon.

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I was just looking at the picture of the trains in the pool of water, I don't think that these will be running soon as the trains electric motors could be saturated with water, I suspect that they will all have to be inspected before oppositions can resume, the financial loss for people and companies is going to be high. and the clean up has not started yet.

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Someone wrote in...just prior to Hagibis hitting Japan. "That Japan was so "overreacting" in their preparations! After the last two years....BETTER SAFE than SORRY. I tell my friends who come to Japan!!! If they warn you here! Pay attention!!! It might not be so bad....but it very well might be!!!! And flood waters are much much more deadly than 99% of people know!!! The energy water carries is absolutely mind boggling! I learned a lot about them last year!

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The scenes of whole communities of houses one-floor or more deep in river water make me want to weep. The scale of the damage is mind-boggling; large swathes of central, eastern and northern Japan.

The cleanup will be back-breaking and heart-breaking.

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The best laid plans o' mice an' men

Gang aft a-gley

In the face of Mother Nature

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I’ve always been worried about the stability of those levy banks. I live near a large river with similar levies although, I don’t live in flats. Many of the flat areas are below the level of the river. They are definitely a disaster waiting to happen (as it has done).

this typhoon really stretched Japan’s safety measures. It also showed the flaws.

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Gogogo, there was a tornado in Chiba as well as.

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Doesn't Japan Today know a little more about these deaths? e.g. emergency services, deaths at sea, building collapses, rivers. Death tolls in modern countries usually some general details.

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Thanks to the Canadian rugby team for helping clear up the mud on the roads!

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Abe's words are like whispers in the wind. Meaningless. He could show some mettle and lower the tax rate back to 8% or less. People need every penny after this, and the long term effects have yet to come.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

"I ask the people of Japan to remain vigilant against landslides and flooding rivers."

And the winner of the most pointless public statement by a rich man who has never spent a moment in danger his whole life goes to...

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Apart from the sad cost to life, another cost has yet to be reckoned - namely that upon Japan's ability to produce food to feed the Nation. What assessment has been carried out yet of the impact of the Storm to that ? Perhaps, the Government may consider as a consequence, that funding better safeguards in food producing areas to enhance food security is worth more than buying a new Stealth fighter from the US ?

Within Central Tokyo...

Little damage, and no flooding. Though, Shelves in the local Supermarkets were almost bare again today. Supply chains presumably will take some time to recover, which may explain in part , the panic buying by locals.

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But a 77-year-old woman in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, died as rescuers of the Tokyo Fire Department, trying to save her by helicopter, dropped her to the ground from an altitude of about 40 meters as they failed to attach a hanger to the harness that she was in, it said.

This is really gross. I feel extremely sad for this poor woman. Just imagine the terror when you feel grateful and relieved and then they drop you and you are falling to your death. :( I can't even find the words for that. :( I think first responders should be better prepared next time.

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"I ask the people of Japan to remain vigilant against landslides and flooding rivers."

And the winner of the most pointless public statement by a rich man who has never spent a moment in danger his whole life goes to...

No matter what Abe says or does he's criticized here. Sheesh....Give it a rest for just one day while Japan and it's families recover from this tragedy.

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Really sad.

 Japan's ability to produce food to feed the Nation.

What ability ? Now, they import 70%. In the 70's, they managed to produce 70%. The government has stopped caring for ages. There will be more imports, they signed treaties and allowed frankenfood for that. Problem solved for Tokyo.

That's dramatic for the little farmers, which are often retired people doing it to complement their pension. Many will not be able to repair. Abandoned farm lands become more fragile, there will be even more landslides and floodings in the next years.

The cleanup will be back-breaking and heart-breaking.

Yes, weeks to clear, then months to dry... I feel for these people because most will be camping there during the Winter months.

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Shocking pictures. Terrible news. My thoughts are with all the victims.

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Japan is a first world country, yet every year hundreds of people die from natural disasters and the government spends so much money on defense against enemies that don't exist. When will the people rise up to demand the Abe government to put the Japanese people first!

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Curious. Why are people downvoting posts showing condolences, concern and well-wishes?

Are you really that petty?

RIP to the victims.

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Honestly I didn’t even really notice anything in my area, Itabashi-Ku. 

Damn, was hoping my apartment was gone... Pos it is.

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Abe [...] could show some mettle and lower the tax rate back to 8% or less

That will be difficult to manage to put tax down only in the area affected. Better give the strongly affected people some of the coupon they made for family (give not sell with the current scheme). So that they can buy daily necessities. I do not think the insurance cover these and there will still be delay.

My condolences to the bereaved, hope of smooth recovery for the injured ones and wish for the best outcome for all the affected ones.

(and other people too, obviously)

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My most sincere prayers are with you all!

Sherilynn Matsumoto

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