33 women sue Tokyo Medical Univ over rigged entrance exams


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go on ladies, take these crooks for everything they have! dont settle for second!!!!! shameful!!!

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Good! Arrogant and sexist institutions.... how dare they decide the paths of others. And think about this. The percentage of women staying single in Japan is quite high, so were they really protecting the profession from a high early retire rate or just being sexist.

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The above comments expressed my sentiment quite nicely.

Too bad there aren't punitive damages to send a serious message.

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It is fraud. The ;police should have been called in straightaway to investigate. I hope the people who were scammed by these organisations win their case with honours.

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It is fraud

It most certainly is, I would have thought the ladies would go for $1 million each not combined. The stress leading up to exams, cost (monetary & psych), having to chainge career...punitive damages.

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Make them bleed yen. This is how change is made.

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Go get those discriminatory, sexist oyaji!!!

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Good to see more lawsuits in Japan. Destabalize the Old Boy Network.

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Have at it ladies. Hope you win!!

Considering potential lost income over time the "real and measurable" damages could be quite large.

This practice sounds like something out of the Middle Ages

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Will the plaintiffs be able prove that their scores were good enough to have passed the entrance exams?

already proven they did, the women actually scored higher on average than the males in most on the Unis, yet they still only got about 30% of the positions available.

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It's great news, but just 33? All entrance exam takers should do it, even the ones actually admitted.

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Tokyo Medical University should recalculate scores and offer admissions to women who would have made it if it wasn't for scoring manipulation.

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Revenge is good. Revenge is vey very good.

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See my comment above. The school has already admitted this and it’s already known who were victimized.

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Even though it tried to make amends by allowing test takers to be admitted. It doesn’t erase the effect of possible intentional infliction of emotional distress. Furthermore, many students have been paying jukus for years and putting in so much time and energy. It would be gut wrenching to know that your efforts didn’t amount to their goal because they changed your scores to allow more men in. It wasn’t because you fell short, it was because they took your choice away from you.

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They should be asking for $1 million EACH! A lifetime of potential lost earnings, career and life path. The university needs a revamp and all current board members to be replaced.

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Erbaviva, Samit Basu,

People who have followed this story from the beginning know the points you bring up have already been covered. If you are interested, put Tokyo Medical Univ into the search function to get previous articles from this site. Or google it to get more sources.

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belief that women tend to resign or take long periods of leave after getting married or giving birth

It like the dinosaurs who run these institutions don't understand how life works. Sue them hard!

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Ah, Japan! The land of equal opportunity, NOT! I hope these women suck as much money as they can out of this prejudiced institution.

Has as anybody ever heard of something like this happening in any other country in the world? Of course not! TIJ!

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I'm with Sh1mon here. There should be punitive damages.

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Great for these women. I hope they win and win big for themselves and for future female, as well as minority students.

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One problem with the Japanese legal system is that it doesn’t have an effective class action lawsuit system. If it did, this lawsuit would be on behalf of every female candidate who failed the rigged exam, rather than just the 33 the lawyers were able to track down, and would accordingly be for a much larger amount.

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The amount is a pittance but I hope it holds the University up to even greater disgrace.

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I do not know in Japan, but in most of the countries if you cheat in an official exam you can be prosecuted and barred forever from a degree. What about institution cheating? No charge?

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"The unfair treatment of female applicants at Tokyo Medical University was aimed at preventing a shortage of doctors at affiliated hospitals in the belief that women tend to resign or take long periods of leave after getting married or giving birth."

That's a typical Japanese thing, isn't it. Action that is basically understandable and meant-to-be-good intentions, but the whole thing not very well thought through.

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$1.2 million ? Typo ? It should be at least a $1.2 billion case.

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Will the plaintiffs be able prove that their scores were good enough to have passed the entrance exams? Good luck, ladies!

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are these ladies really sure that they passed the entrance test even without deduction? If not, then there is no case, they've got to prove it.

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