34 students suffer food poisoning in Fukuoka


Police and health officials said Tuesday that 34 junior high and high school students suffered food poisoning Monday during a stay at a hotel in Fukuoka.

TBS reported that the hotel in Kiyokawa, Chuo Ward called ambulances at about 2 a.m. Monday, reporting that students, who were from Kagoshima and Nagasaki on a sports trip, were vomiting and showing symptoms of diarrhea. The group had all dined together at the hotel on Sunday night.

Police said 34 students were taken to hospital and all but seven were released by Monday night.

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is it udon?

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I guess that's the end of whichever restaurant they are at.

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Damn autocorrect! Ate at I mean

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Hopefully nobody gets hurt.

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I hope it Is not as bad as India. Still it must have been very scary, poor kids!

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