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40 injured as strong typhoon batters Okinawa


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Hope no surfers out. They never found the guy in Shonan, but foind his board. It was brand new. His first timeever surfing.

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<>Hope everything will be fine good as well

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Fingers crossed Vongfong will soon swing east into the Pacific - and that the perfect weather today in Tohoku will continue for the week. Stay safe, folks down south!

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We have seen surfers in Okinawa today - Sunday

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I sure hope the geniuses of the world figure out how to stop these typhoons.

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No deaths so far. Hope it stays that way.

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Serrano, you cannot stop mother nature.

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According to tropicalstormrisk.com it is no longer a typhoon, but a tropical storm. It has been losing power continually over the past couple of days, yet NHK are still wrongly insisting it is maintaining its strength and broadcasting hysterical nonsense. Even their own figures show it is much weaker than yesterday, so why do they lie so blatantly?

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It's not gonna be too bad when it gets to Tokyo. It seems like a major over reaction to stop all the trains in Osaka from 4pm tomorrow. I wonder if the staff will get paid.

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Trains stop after 4pm here but my 4 wheels run til the wheels fall off

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Thank you Kong productions for your simple and informative video. It's much appreciated!!

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Dang, this typhoon gave me some headache and made me feel nausea at times....

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The winds might be down but I think the Monday evening commute is going to be damp at best.

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DeDe MiuraOct. 12, 2014 - 08:29PM JST Thank you Kong productions for your simple and informative video. It's much appreciated!!

To quote DeDeMiura... What a great contribution Kong Productions. I think I am informed and try to navigate the JR and Meteorological Agency websites and translate, but this HUGE RED video on typhoon articles (and other disasters from now on no doubt) is very helpful. THANK YOU!

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