39 confirmed dead in Hokkaido earthquake


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Abe should visit before electricity is restored.

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Keep up the excellent work guys, keep digging.

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Seriously erroneous reporting! The power was, for the most part, cut by the power companies, and NOT as a result of the earthquake alone. All week these news reports on various sites have been reporting this and the government ordered them to start operating again!

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Rest in peace all deads

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Was watching a NHK program last night about this disaster and the flooding this year. Wow! I did not realize the extent of the disaster, the amount of landslides that occurred and the liquefaction that caused so much destruction. Really tough deal for some folks up there.

@Belrick. Thanks for pointing this out. The utility had to "shed load" (Not really shedding as it was off line already) to get the system restarted. You cannot just "throw a switch" or close a single circuit breaker and re-energize the island. Utilities have SOP's where the most critical loads are brought on line first and as additional generation is added/restarted then more load is added. Hokkaido needs more generation (what type is another argument) as it is not practical or cost effective to increase the capacity of the DC intertie between Honshu and Hokkaido. The utility did a really good job considering what they had to work with.

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