'3Cs' Japan's top buzzword for 2020


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confined spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings

I thought the "three C's" were "close", "crowded" and "closed space". It's the use of "close" and "closed" that made the whole thing hard to remember!

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I get it's Japan, and the "need" for the media to show it's worth...but really now, who REALLY gives a crap?

(Right I know, Japanese....... sarcasm!)

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I can’t wait for the two hour variety show special about this scintillating topic! And all the “hilarious” opinions of “comedians” and “talents”.

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"This is a PEN!!!!"

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@ obladi

There are a couple of translations for 3つの蜜 around but "confined spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings" is the one being used by the government, so it has become the standard. I'm a translator and this has come up a lot in my work this year.

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time in Japan = 'cynical', ^^^.

Me, I just wish people pay as much attention to the governor as she think they do.

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This is a PEN!!


Really only the own mass media gives a bean about these words.

Yeah, they do make a nice conversation topic for 5 secs but at the end, it is just a soulless cacophony of the same rehashed material year after year.

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Thought it was the "three Ms" 密閉 (mippei)*密集 (misshu)*密接 (missetsu). Another two buzzwords that are missing is "stupid government".

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There you go, an English acronym which even people on a Japan-centric English language site aren't completely certain about. The average Japanese person will know even less.

I know the guidelines myself, but not which specific C words are intended to represent them. Why select "3Cs" and not "san mitsu"?

Still, it's better than "one team" from 2019.

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Crippled Fukushima reactor, Covid-19 and Corruption.

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Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike was credited with raising the profile of the "3Cs" buzzword selected by publishing house Jiyukokuminsha.

How about being credited for doing something like increasing testing if not of the general public to mitigate the spread of this virus but to stop the spread to the most vulnerable members of society like regular PCR tests of workers at elderly homes, welfare centers and medical personel.

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'3Cs' Japan's top buzzword for 2020

I know those........

Could, but won't

Constantly Inconclusive

Criminal Embezzling Executives and Politions

Or are they.........


Can't be bothered with

Can't take the hint

What Japan really needs in 2021 is.......




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I like the real world interpretation of the three Cs above. All strike me more than the official line. Gooo Travel/eat not really 3 Cs

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one of the 3 C's = confusion, stay at home, go to work, come to the Olympics, ( boarders are closed ) go on Holliday, unless your old stay at home.

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So, it's not Champsgne, Cocaine, and Call girls?

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