4 Chinese ships sail near disputed islands


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Boring. They are likely lost, not knowing how to navigate beyond view of the shore.

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build a base on the islands before the chinese do.

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Abe likes to poke Xi in the SCS.

Xi is poking back Abe in the ECS.

Nothin wrong with that!

As the headline said ... sail near DISPUTED islands err... rocks!

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The "Coast Guard" of every nation functions as law enforcement and maritime rescue. Except for China where their Coast Guard acts as part of their military for the purposes of territorial expansion. China has written the book on applying every devious approach to achieving a goal at one could think of. Even Chinese fishing boats are armed "maritime militia" boats.

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China has a very weak navy compared to Japan.

It's therefore understandable if they use all available resources from fishing boats and their coast guard to patrol their rocks in the ECS.

Who says that the Tiau Yu Tai belongs to Japan?

The defense minister of China should learn from Kim Jung Un.

They should also test fire their missiles near the rocks every week instead of displayin their crickety junks which just provoke merry laughter from the Japanese navy sailors!

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nothing to see here... This is getting old!

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And this happens barely a week after the two leaders exchanged handshakes and smiles....HYPOCRITICAL

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China likes bothering Japan as much as North Korea, no wonder that issue won't be solved

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While the whole world is worried about the disputed islands I can't imagine the damage to the marine life wherever these Chinese ships go.

Imagine one fine day Chinese ships stop intruding into these disputed waters, Japan will boast of getting rid of Chinese intervention only to realise that the marine life is already destroyed and swept away by the Chinese ships.

After all in the age of satellite there has to be some other mysterious reason for Chinese ships to constantly sniff into disputed waters.

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That is the nose of the camel in the tent, again. I am waiting to wake up one morning and read about the first Chinese construction crew on the Senkakus.

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The answer seems simple enough. China sails 4 ships in Japanese waters. Japan should return the favor in the South China sea with 4 ships sailing close to China's man made constructions. China sends hundreds of fishing vessels then Japan should again, do the same in the South China sea. They would get the message soon enough.

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