4 Japanese tourists, guide killed in car accident in Thailand


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Driving in Thailand. Certainly unique. The desire to overtake every car in front of you, whenever and wherever, seems to be a national sport. Some of the stuff I have seen blows my mind tbh.

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Wonder how fast that car was going to burst into flames on impact.

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Horrible way to die, RIP.

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Rule Number 1 Please limit all road travel in Thailand to an absolute minimum.....

If you don't there is a very high chance you will die.

I have seen many times the style of driving and it's unique as they drive as if it's a race to the next life.

They have no regard to safety whatsoever....... such a shame. Fly as much as possible.

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Driving or being driven in South-East Asia is even scarier than here.

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The vehicle was a big Toyota people carrier, like a HiAce. The front end is completely smashed in, but the driver was actually the only one to survive. The damage points to a massive impact from hitting the truck.

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Not so quick

A self-driving shuttle in Vegas was involved in the 1st day of service.

RIP, to the 4 killed.

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Traffic crashes are fixable problems, caused by dangerous streets and unsafe drivers. They are not accidents. Let’s stop using the word "accident".

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4pm there is an incredible rush hour. To get back to BKK, you have to hsve bats wings.RIP.

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Road rage,speeding,inattentiveness,tailgating,drug taking,underage driving.

All these are prevalent in Thailand and contribute to the most dangerous roads in Asia.

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Tragic. Prayers go out to the families.

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Rest In Peace .

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used to live in thailand and used what we called "the suicide bus" too many times the drive like loons. rip victims.

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The age of driverless vehicles can't come soon enough. RIP

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