4 killed in Osaka Pref plane crash


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Think they were emphasizing it wasn't into any structure.

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I love how they put up blue sheets over everthing, when most of the time images/video has already been taken of the scenes, this plane can easily be seen on youtube, watch?v=mA_HIw-zzyY

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It was a blessed relief that no one on the ground was injured. RIP to the four victims.

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crashed to the ground

Was the "to the ground" phrase really necessary?

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Someone extremely important or influential must have been on that plane - no mention of names anywhere except for the pilot's. Perhaps the media has somehow been 'persuaded' not to enquire further into the identity of the passengers. Before anyone mentions DNA analysis or unrecognisable condition of bodies remember a flight plan is almost always filed in these situations and doubtless the names of the passengers are known by someone somewhere.

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Even if the passenger names were known from a flight plan I believe officials might wait until confirmation of the identity of the bodies before announcing who died. If they were people of influence I would think rumors as to their deaths would be flying. Have you heard any?

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Why would they have had to have been "extremely important or influential?"

The Mooney 20c model production run ended almost 40 years ago. It's not an expensive/elite plane. It was at least 38 years old.

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Aside from blocking the view, wouldn't the blue sheets be used to prevent crime/accident scenes from becoming contaminated?

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@ smith - let's put it this way, if it didn't state "into a house", "into a pachinko parlor", "into a hospital" or "into whatever" it would have meant "Into the ground"

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prevent crime/accident scenes from becoming contaminated? its a plane crash whats there to be contaminated from? bird poo! I can understand maybe keeping the bodies covered for removal. but most of the blue sheet thing in Japan is purely to stop the public viewing the scene, which like I said is pointless once pictures/videos have already been taken.

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Although difficult to judge from the video, aircraft speed appeared to be too slow immediately before the wing dropped (aerodynamic stall)...

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Oh excuse me, I guess I should have said "contaminated or disturbed". As in rain or strong wind could move things about or blow unrelated things onto the site, making the job of determining the cause of the accident more difficult. People or animals could also mess around with the debris easier with no coverings.

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Oh excuse me, I guess I should have said "contaminated or disturbed" its highly unlikely, they even use them during motorsports events when theres a big crash, certainly not for disturbing the scenes there as they have area cleaned so the race continues as quickly as possible. There was a huge crash at Suzuka circuit not long ago, the first person on the scene was the blue sheet guy, he was unraveling his blue sheet before even the medics arrived to treat the driver.

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sensei258: "Was the "to the ground" phrase really necessary?"

Well, let's put it this way, if it WEREN'T there, you wouldn't know what it crashed into. Easy to think you would know in hindsight, but if it just said "crashed", even with "no one on the ground was injured", its possible that it crashed into a house, a tower, another plane, whatever. It's not really all that gratuitous.

RIP to the four lost.

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