4-year-old boy dies from choking on bean during Setsubun event


A four-year-old boy choked on a soybean during a bean throwing event at a daycare center in Matsue City of Shimane Prefecture, it was learned on Thursday. 

According to Matsue City officials, the four-year-old boy lost consciousness and fainted during a bean scattering event celebrating the Setsubun festival at a certified childcare center on the morning of Feb 3. He was taken to the hospital, but later died. 

The boy was participating in bean scattering after eating roasted soybeans. The cause of death was suffocation due to one bean that got stuck in his throat. The bean was enlarged as it contained moisture from water. Each child was given around 10 beans during the event. 

Police said Thursday they are investigating the incident further to see if the staff at the daycare center might have been negligent in any way.

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Yes, it is a traditional ceremony and a lot of fun for little kids at daycare centers. They make masks and have all kinds of fun. However, it is 2020 and carers must surely be aware of the choking hazard of giving little kids hard beans. How hard would it be to substitute the hard beans with soft cooked beans or even soft candies? It just doesn't makes any sense to put the kids (and carers) at such a risk for the sake of a tradition.

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Better to throw than eat-especially for kids!

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Staff needs to be trained for medical emergencies like CPR and Heimlich maneuver.

Totally avoidable.

RIP little boy.

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How hard would it be to substitute the hard beans with soft cooked beans or even soft candies?

Candy? No, because tradition.

And soft beans? Did you read the article?

The bean was enlarged as it contained moisture from water.

sounds soft to me.

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I think it is a freak accident. However, maybe the kids should be given plenty of water when eating the beans.

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Atrocious neglect on the part of the teachers. They should all be taken to the cleaners for this. Also, what idiot gives a small boy things that are an obvious choking hazard and doesn’t supervise?

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Two words:

Heimlich Manuever

Everyone, especially caregivers and childcare workers, should know how to perform this!

While not true of omochi stuck in the throat, this would almost certainly have dislodged a small bean!!

RIP, little one.

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Just a couple of notes:

The Heimlich maneuver can be quite dangerous and should be used as a final step if other steps such as back thrusts not work, especially so on younger ones. Also the Heimlich maneuver shouldn't be done on a kid that is unconscious, better to use back blows.

The Red Cross Society to include the Japanese Red Cross and American Red Cross do not recommend doing the Heimlich maneuver unless other options have exhausted. If Heimlich maneuver is done, vs back thrusts , the patient should undergo additional x-rays to see if any internal damage was done.

Just future reference in case anyone here ever needs to do it in an emergency.

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