4-year-old boy in coma after pool accident


A four-year-old boy is in a coma after being found floating in a pool at a spa facility in Nara Prefecture.

According to police, at around 10:12 a.m. on Monday, a visitor to Nara Kenko Land in Tenri City, noticed the boy floating in the indoor pool which has a flowing current of water, Sankei Shimbun reported. He immediately called 119 and the boy was transported to hospital. He remained in a critical condition on Tuesday.

The 120-meter-long pool is one meter deep, and at the time the boy was discovered, his family was nowhere to be found. He was also not wearing any pool floats.

Police said the boy was visiting Nara Kenko Land with nine people from Mie Prefecture’s Nabari City.

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seriously people get your kids learning to swim, earlier the better. doesnt matter if you dont live near a river, sea, pond etc only takes one not watching parent kid to wonder off . My kids could both save themselves from falling into water at the age of 4. knowing how to swim wont save you from all water related activities but the survival rate is vastly improved than if you dont know how.

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I hope the little guy pulls through. And as for the parents... where in the living hell were they? They need to be severely punished, absolutely no excuses for leaving a child unattended near any body of water deep enough to drown in.

Community service, a fine, or even some time in the slammer - they can't get away with this

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Oh, but they will, because police will considered it a family matter, and the child will be treated as family property.

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This is very unusual. Japanese pools are usually crawling with lifeguards. Hope the poor kid pulls through.

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Hope the kid pulls through, and hope the parents face serious punishment as a result of this -- and no, their current suffering for their stupidity is NOT enough.

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Why I am not surprised? :(

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Where were the freaking parents???

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Stupid parents!

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