40 absent from school after outbreak of illness


More than 40 students at a school in Tokyo were absent from classes for several days after falling sick last week.

According to the Bunkyo Board of Education, on June 12, 39 fifth-grade students at Kubomachi Municipal Elementary School in Bunkyo Ward called in sick complaining of upset stomachs, nausea and other symptoms. The very next day, the school's 58-year-old principal also called in sick, TV Asahi reported Friday.

Furthermore, three students were hospitalized, health officials said, adding that two are still in hospital.

Following the incident, the Bunkyo Board of Education decided to pull the fifth-grade class out of the school until the cause of the outbreak can be determined.

Officials from the board are investigating the possibility of a food-borne illness.

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Possibility? Could be Ebola, it's a possibility!

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Hmmmm looks like school lunch Yummmy

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I hope for there speedy recovery! I noticed that there never was a follow up article on last weeks school sickness either. Remember the many children that got ill from a strong smell that permeated the school? They were trying to blame a man who had sprayed bug spay near the school. JT, please do a follow up story, it should be easy to find out if those kids inhaled chemicals or poisons.

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Japan will be having rainny season and summer soon. Schools would better handle school-meals more carefully.. Hope for quick finding of the cause and get well soon.

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