40-year-old man becomes 1st Japanese to make unassisted solo trek to South Pole


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dang it Apple Maps...

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dang it Apple Maps...

Haha. A few years late, but I still laughed!

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Saw on tv last night.

Appears a really down to earth, calm nice guy who has incredible determination.

What is so great about his achievements to date, is he does it primarily on his own without the pre-hoopla and fanfare of the media and shouts of "ganbare" from clueless tarento.

Hope to hear more of his adventures in the future.

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I’m not impressed, but a great achievement for him.

Well done.

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How can we be sure he really made it?

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Are there pictures anywhere? This is a must to make the blood of flat-Earthers boil...

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Yasunaga Ogita , let us congratulate you for making unassisted solo trek to South Pole.

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On his own is the point. That fact he got there is no debate.

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Solo efforts like this are a stirring example to us all. I shall be inspired to trek further in my modest cross-country ski trips when winter comes to the Australian Alps later this year!. Congratulations Yasunaga-san!

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Wow, what an accomplishment. Good for him.

Probably warmer down there than in some parts of the US. Temperatures are hovering around 0 F (-17 C) on the east coast. Factor in the wind... Yikes!

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Congrats on being last in a long line of people who’ve done this very same thing.

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He is a lone adventurer. Any very dangerous adventures seem a suicide sport/game. Many adventurers have died there in the past in vain. It is reported that he is married and has child/children. Adventurer should not be married whatever. One adventurer I still remember is more than 100 balloons lifted him up in the sky to go to America/Canada but he's still missing in the middle of Pacific Ocean. Maybe he was happy about what he tried. As for me that seems so stupid.

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