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400 goldfish found in Saitama school pool


About 400 goldfish were found in the swimming pool at a junior high school in Sayama, Saitama Prefecture, school officials said Tuesday.

The school said the fish were spotted on Monday morning in the 25-meter pool, TBS reported. Students scooped the fish out of the pool, teachers said.

A school official said there was a recently made hole in the fence around the pool through which someone apparently came with the fish.

On Sunday, a festival was held in the neighborhood and police believe the fish may have been used as part of the festivities.

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I'm surprised the goldfish weren't dead from all the chlorine that's usually poured in the pools to keep them clean. Anyway, if they live, some kids will get to take home some pets. Overall, this just sounds like a school prank. Not sure why this made news.

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Swimming with the fish? As pranks go, this one is kind of cute.

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Chlorine in Japanese school pools? Really? Most of the pools in my area are filth holes of bacteria.

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Nice! One of the more imaginative (and harmless) pranks I've heard of in a while.

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Sometimes quirky stuff can be news, it doesn't all have to be earth-shaking events, surely. Seeing the news a couple of years ago about all the bicycle seats replaced with broccoli heads made my day that little bit brighter, I like this kind of news!

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I dont think they chlorinate the pools here. In fall and winter, if not frozen, the ducks use them. You can also sometimes find frogs having a swim!

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Definitely the left-over fish from the festival. Glad the people had at least the courtesty to dump them into another water source and not just toss them somewhere else. Hope they all survive!

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