41 dead swallows found on road in Hyogo


Police in Hyogo Prefecture said Friday that a large number of swallows were found dead strewn along a road in Kamigori.

According to police, the birds were found around 11:30 a.m. on Thursday. TBS reported that an inspection of a 64-meter-long stretch of road in the town turned up the remains of 41 swallows.

Local officials say that although the cause of the birds' deaths is unknown, a preliminary check for avian flu returned a negative result.

Hyogo prefectural officials said it is continuing to investigate the reason for the unusual number of dead swallows in the area, and will carry out further tests for viruses related to avian influenza.

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I wonder what they swallowed

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This news is hard to swallow.

1 ( +9 / -8 )

No more puns please.

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Have they tested for you know... the obvious, radiation?

4 ( +8 / -4 )

Such incidents are not uncommon. Disorientation, happens all the time.

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Maybe they need to check the overhead power lines if most of them are dead along the road.

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This could be a result of acoustic emissions (AE).

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Bad news coming..........

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Probably signs of a coming earthquake?

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Considering they were all found along a single stretch of road is be inclined to think they flew into a truck. But, avian flu is much more headline grabbing.

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Poisoned bird feed.

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Dead birds may also be indicators of the presence of West Nile Virus in that area.

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Radiation, might be the cause ?

Following up this article..Silent Spring comes to Fukushima

NHK reported in Iidatemura, where the radiation level is the highest, bird’s population is only 70% and the sorts of birds are only one in fifth compared to Nihonmatsu city, where the radiation level is the lowest among the 4 local governments in Fukushima. The researching group to consist of French, American researchers and Prof. Ueda from Rikkyou university conducted bird survey at 300 points of 4 local governments for the population of 45 types of birds such as swallow and titmouse. The survey has been done since last July.

The result showed the more contaminated the place is, the more population and kinds of birds decrease.

The researching group commented it can be because of the direct effect of radiation and also because people evacuated to leave the farms ruined to reduce the insects to eat.

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oh no its the beginning of Armageddon

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