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4K, 8K ultra-high-definition broadcasting begins in Japan


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Some 4K ready TVs are not capable of receiving 4K signals by themselves and owners need to purchase a receiver.

Why would someone manufacture such a useless thing, and how annoying would that be to own?

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Back in the 80s/90s, small screen box size TV was so clearer to our human eyes, then in the 2000s, those screen became blur and replaced by clean 720/1080p. Now in the 2018, even those 720/1080p are becoming kinda blurer to our human eyes. 4K/8K is now the cleanest screen.

After few years, same thing will happen until it becomes so clear that it will reversely affect our grandchildrens' eyes, so i would suggest to modern technologists, do not par over 8K.

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Yeah, I'd love to watch a plastic inflatable mallet hit that comedian's head in 8K.

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So. . . we have 5G to our phone, and WiFi to our car, and fibre to our home, and satellite to our TV, and newspaper to our front lawn !

But it will still be useful after the Olympics won't it ?

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Why I can’t watch hologram tv even though the technology was developed about 10 years ago?

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Damn, 4k/8k resolutions now!! Those documentaries and cooking shows on Japanese TV was awesome. They were so relaxing, I could watch them all day.

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Can’t wait to watch all the commercials in 8k!!!

Is there still some TV shows?

My TV has one purpose. Watch movies online.

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4k 8k great picture I am sure but in the end its still Japanese TV so.... who cares

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My tv is digital 720p. The digital has no buffer. On my old tv, I could adjust the antenna and get constant tv, albeit with snow and some static. With digital, picture is clear but is on or off. Some times in the day, the tv is like a skipping DVD. I just want to watch TV, not fight with it.

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I know what you're referring to. The screens are stretching the image of old shows (320-480p/I) on smaller digital pixels. Unless they have a new algorithm to better blend and stay sharp, the 4k/8k will make the 720/1080p appear more blurry. My old computer media programme kept the show sharp, but gave it 320x240 pixels of my 1080×720 screen. Squinting...

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8K was originally intended for medical usage, Laparoscopy/Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery with a narrow line of view in which the endoscope will not be in the way of the cramped space while providing the surgeon a clear view.

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Wow. I envy the Japanese. There's another reason to get 4k TV.

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Japan is just NOW getting 4k programming?!

You have been able to get it from netflix for years now.

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Now you can watch your favorite food porn shows and oishiiiiii in 4K and 8K.

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Anything NHK puts out is total garbage, so no amount of 4k or otherwise I going to make any difference!

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*is, not "I"

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Clearly thumbed down by someone who paid their NHK fees! XD

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