5.2 quake jolts Fukushima Prefecture


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Shindo 3. ZZZZzzzz....

Another 5.3 quake later Wednesday hit 423 kilometers southwest of Tokyo, off the coast.

Why the vagueness? It was in Kagoshima.

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Pawatan, Kagoshima is a lot further than 423 km from Tokyo- there must have been another quake somewhere else.

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Run for the hills!! Tsunami!! Godzilla??

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Woke me up in Kanagawa.

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Apsara, you are completely correct. I was focusing on the Shindo 3 in Kagoshima but there was one in the middle of the ocean this morning as well.

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Tokai 2 has been having serious problems, and I wonder if they are not related to these aftershocks?

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I just do not want to die in the middle of the night, no good to be dead tired, drunk etc..and KABOOM!

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Sorry but what is 'Tokai 2'? We aren't talking about the big plate under Tokyo, are we?

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No, I just glanced at the news earlier, Samantha, and I think they mean the other of the two nuclear plants hit by the Tsunami. Not Fukushima, which we hear about every day, but the No 2 plant was in Tokai, I think. Someone correct me if necessary. Anyway one of the Tokai reactor pressure vessels was undergoing what, refurbishment(?) when they noticed 22 tons of water pouring out of the control rod slots in the bottom of the reactor, today. Four workers went to inspect and got covered in water. Officially they were 'not contaminated'. The story will probably appear here on JT tomorrow, I expect. These reactors get shaken and shaken by aftershocks and it is a real miracle that everything manages to hold together.

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@ nandakandamanda. Thank you very much! Really appreciate your reply! Another reactor with problems? It just goes on and on. Let's hope the shaking calms down for a while! Thanks again!

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