5.6 quake rattles Japan near Fukushima site


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Yep, was pretty strong. I had just got nto bed with my honey and the earth moved for me. ;-P

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Another massive one. Half of Japan got rattled. I hope that nobody got injured.

Disillusioned, you should go to bed a bit earlier. Not getting enough sleep is not healthy.

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Woke me up. One of those weird, am I dreaming or shaking moments that are too common since 3/11.

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Finally got to sleep after fighting the humidity and the heat...then 2 hours later this earthquake hit...

another sleepy day for me at work

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No wonder the trains were packing this morning, everyone was late :)

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Definitely felt it here in Tokyo. A long rolling quake but I was too tired turn on the telly.

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I slept through it! That is not good, quakes used to wake me up!

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didn't feel anthing in the kinki area

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That is a baby quaker. Quit complaining people.

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Felt it rolled over and went back to sleep.

After nearly 15yrs here it needs to be a strong one(my location) to get me to move. 3/11 threw a few things of my walls and shelfs.

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No tsunami watch was immediately issued

I would think any tsunami watch or warning would have to be immediate to do any good!

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The story is far from over...dont be happy too early!

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Yeah, that woke me up too. I remember reading somewhere back in March that we can expect a big one again within a year. Let's hope not.

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I seemed to be the only one at work today who was actually awoken by this quake. I was starting to think That I'd dreamt it! Reading that it was a 5+ and I didn't even check the TV, makes me feel that we are all becoming too accustomed to these frequent aftershocks and that the next big one will catch us all off guard.

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Another rude awakening here in southern Iwate.

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