5 dead, 3 missing after cargo ship sinks in typhoon-hit Tokyo Bay


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Damn, how'd that happen? Shipping companies should take more responsibility for their crews, it was totally avoidable

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This is criminal negligence. They should have evacuated the crew from the ship before the typhoon hit. It is irresponsible to leave these guys on board when a massive typhoon like this is approaching. The shipping company has to take responsibility.

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This is criminal negligence.

I have to admit, I'm entirely unclear on what the standard is for these types of things. For example:

They should have evacuated the crew from the ship before the typhoon hit.

Should they have? Is that maritime law? Is that what usually happens? Were these guys given the option to leave and refused, or were they not given the option to leave?

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i hope they can find the rest of them soon

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We don’t know what happened to this ship, but usually with a storm approaching, the port authority or coast guard recommends to anchor in a designated evacuation area. And while anchored, to keep the engine at stand-by in case the anchor starts to drag. It’s a guideline and not legally required. The captain makes the final decision.

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As an old seaman when something like a tyfon are comming on,normally there is a special anchoring place in all harbours ,you can have both anchors out and keep your engine up in case of draging, so something must have gone out of control or poor seamanship.

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Do we know where it sank and in how deep water ?

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To clarify, by where... I mean "where within Tokyo bay"....

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