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5 elderly people killed in apartment building fire in Osaka Pref


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The life is very cheap all over the world. The death of senior citizens needs to draw the attention of the government, which should take care of the elderly and needy, who are left high and dry by their family members.

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Sad.., May they rest in peace...

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There could not have been any smoke detectors. For crying out loud when are they going to mandate that is Japan....ESPECIALLY in all the wood frame structures. It's such a waste of life over a $30.00 device.

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Smoke and Fire detectors have been compulsory for over 10yrs now, you can get them at any electric or DIY store, etc. Bout 3.000-5.000 a pop.

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That would make sense that is is mandated but like child seats there is little if any enforcement. There is also not a public education campaign at all. I have never seen smoke detectors in anyones home. There could not have been smoke detectors in the above complex or there would not have been as many casualties if any.

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All places I know have them installed, there was a big campaign years ago.

The property owner has to install them or faces a steep fine if found out.

So if you are renting and none are installed contact the owner, asap.

As for the incident we don't if they were installed or not nor how ambulatory the victims were.

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