5 injured after motorbike hits bus, then pedestrians on sidewalk


Five people were injured Sunday night after a motorbike hit a bus and then pedestrians on a sidewalk in Tokyo's Koto Ward.

According to police, the accident occurred near Monzen-nakacho subway station just after 7 p.m., TV Asahi reported. A motorbike carrying two people hit a Toei bus at a crossing. It ricocheted off the bus and plowed into pedestrians on the sidewalk. The two people on the bike and three pedestrians were injured, TV Asahi reported.

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Thank goodness there were no fatalities.

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The reckless way the motorcyclists and cyclist ride is a walking nightmare. The police does nothing, and will do nothing until they hit a few police officers. When a nice number, say a dozen of police officers go to hospital, the police will crack down on them in one week. But nothing will happen until the pain hits home.

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A lot of motorcyclist just don't seem to pay enough attention or are too eager to pass when they shouldn't.

Munya: Not sure if I agree with you. A motcyclist crashed into my car yesterday and the police were very sympathetic towards me. They determined that the motorcyclist had been speeding and that I was not at fault at all. Since there was no real damage to my car, they determined that he ''didn't hit the car'' so that I wouldn't have to use my insurance for the small scratch. But, when talking to him, they were very stern and told him that he had been speeding and caused an inconvenience to me and the public that had to go around our traffic accident scene. I believe in the end he got a fine and has to use his own insurance to cover the damage on his bike.

But yet again, this is Shiga...not Tokyo.

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I've seen a few smashed by motorists, and it always looks like the rider's fault. Speeding around someone in the blind spots is bound to hurt sooner or later. I respect their confidence while it lasts though.

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Munya; I see. I agree that prevention would be best. However, once people are taught the rules of the road here, there seems to be hardly any follow-up. It would be great if the hid out to catch speeders, red-light runners and tailgaters (shaking my fist) but the police here seem to do that less often than desirable.

For them to do that, I think the whole police position needs to be overhauled. I've had some police friends and they had to work something like 28 hour shifts (hence why they sleep on the job). Also, I think they were given specific times to patrol and couldn't really take innitiative. Perhaps it is time to do an overhaul of the system and give the police more power.

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uh, drunk drivers! wait a sec, he wasnt drunk, just another careless driver...

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But yet again, this is Shiga...not Tokyo.

Tokyo drivers tend to be well mannered compared to the rest the country I'd say.

I live in Chiba and well, I've seen better behavior elsewhere.

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Eh, I have a novel idea... How about calling in the ladies from AKB48 to do a little bit of traffic manner campaigning? I haven't seen much of them lately. They ARE still around, are they not?

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I'm amazed the two on the bike weren't killed outright. Saw that kind of thing on the way to Hakone once. The bike didn't win.

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If this is the intersection I know at is V A S T. Quite dangerous and complex with an unusual amount of visual information. One has to be totally alert when making one's way across it. I ride my bicycle through it regularly.

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Tokyo Taxi drivers Oyaji's are a nightmare here. They stop everywhere, don't use their flash lights and cuts everyone if he sees a customer at the sidewalk. Police needs to do something about them, its really dangerous.

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I hope everyone recovers from their injuries and that the Mister Donuts wasn't damaged.

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