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5 women taken to hospital after car slams into store in Aichi


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The driver told the police, "I pressed the gas pedal instead of the break [SIC] by mistake."

This is impossible; automobiles are not equipped with a BREAK.

Moderator: Thank you. It has been corrected.

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Pressing the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal demonstrates incompetence, regardless of age. And since the driver is 80 years old, his license should be taken away. Period.

2 ( +7 / -5 )

The driver certainly needed a brake.

5 ( +5 / -0 )

Has the woman working in the store heard many bombs exploding?

Sorry, it doesn't sound the same.

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Damn and blast, another oldie causing chaos and mayhem whilst in charge of a motor vehicle. This is becoming very concerning and somewhat of a trend, more scrutiny is required to ensure people are fit enough to drive.

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Not even going to read the story before I bet it's a senior, likely late seventies or eighties.

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It doesn’t sound like an accident and hard to make such a mistake when it’s not the first time sitting on driver’s seat of a car. It sounds intentional.

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When you start mistaking your belt for your necktie then it's a good indication that you should stop driving.

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How about getting people to demonstrate their driving competency after the age of 60?

But that would require the NPA in Japan to do some real work for a change instead of just lining them up for a few cursory questions as they do now

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Was the driver arrested?

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There should be an upper age limit for all drivers, but all over 65 should be made to sit a competency exam. The age limit should be 70. But let there be the same competency (not driving) laws passed for politicians, most of whom I would not let ride a bike let alone run a country. This applies to all countries.

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