5-year-old boy's hand gets caught in shopping mall escalator


A 5-year-old boy sustained an injury at a shopping mall in Nagoya on Friday after his hand became trapped in an escalator.

A security guard at Mozo Wondercity in Nagoya called the emergency services at around 5 p.m. to report that a young boy was screaming in pain because his hand had become trapped in an escalator mechanism.

TBS reported that emergency workers arrived at the scene to find the boy's hand trapped in the section where the down escalator belt meets the floor. According to witnesses, it took about 20 minutes to free the boy, who sustained injuries to his right hand.

The boy went to the store with his family, although he wasn't with them when the accident occurred, TBS reported.

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The boy went to the store with his family, although he wasn’t with them when the accident occurred,

Uh hu! Another unsupervised child ending up injured. It just a never ending cycle of irresponsible stupidity resulting in injury (or death) of a child!

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Yes, it's sad but also very stupid, many parents in my neighborhood let 3 or 4 year olds play on their own out on the street with courier cars rushing by etc, accidents just waiting to happen, looks to me like some parents couldn't care les what their offspring is doing...

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And exactly why was a 5-year-old (again so young) obviously playing alone on the escalator?

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Boy boy! Parental unit fail. No common sense!

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Often see kids playing here with the elevator and the parents seemingly unaware of the dangers.

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I go to this mall often and every time I see parents shopping and their kids running around outside the store and some of them racing away from their moms and jumping onto the escalator and parents shouting for them to come back..parents should have been more careful..I hope his hand heals well and that he will remember never to put his hands where they shouldn't go again!

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Kids will do the weirdest things, but even I am careful and attentive (that last step off) around escalators and you always see stories of people young and old losing their shoe or worse around these things. Maybe those ski-lifts are almost as worse.

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I like the way parents can let there children have the freedom to learn about life and the lessons needed. I had that and feel sorry for those that are overprotected coddeked. Accidents happen.

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Have the parents been questioned about WHY this five year old was left alone? The stupidity of many parents here never fails to amaze me. A five year old running around a mall alone. Unbelievable in my home country, a regular occurrence here.

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DOESN'T ANYONE KNOW WHAT THE RED BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM AND TOP OF THE ESCALATOR IS FOR? Take children on field trips or show short public information (2 minutes) videos on TV. Anything to educate children and parents on what to do.

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Very attractive to little fingers those moving parts. Kids do need to be both supervised and educated about escalators, just as much as alll the other potentially dangerous technology out there.

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"Unbelievable in my home country, a regular occurrence here."

Not sure where you're from tMarie, but I rarely see kids that old (5) on tethers while shopping with parents in my home country...

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Taj, not sure where you're from but in my country parents are fearful that kidnappers may steal their kids, let alone get hit by cars or lost. Five year olds are usually kept in sight and in buys places, hands are held.

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I'm from Canada. I wish kids were kept on tethers. Especially in supermarkets. Sadly, once they're too big to ride in the cart, they usually are on "voice tether". Some cling. Some run. Most people I know are actually more afraid of what they're kids will break or knock over, etc. than of them being kidnapped. In parking lots, they tend to be more careful, though.

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One word "how?"

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