50 pigeons found dead in Kumagaya


The carcasses of at least 50 pigeons were found in Kumagaya, Saitama Prefecture, on Saturday. 

Prefectural officials said that so far, an inspection of the stomach contents of 30 pigeons showed traces of insecticide or herbicide, Sankei Shimbun reported. Officials believe the dead pigeons, which were all found within a 150-meter radius of a crop field, may have ingested the toxic substances in agrichemicals used on the crops.

The toxic substances found in the birds included methomyl, thiuram and mecoprop.

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toxic substances in agrichemicals used on the crops.

crops for human consumption? no thanks

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In our location we have very nice dove pigeons.

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Flying rats

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Thats 30 flying rats that are not spreading deceases all over the place, and not eating precious crops. The local farmers need to be checked up on just to make sure that they are not over dossing with chemicals and they are spraying the correct dosage.

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In the past week or so I’ve come across two hawk carcasses, one strewn along the road and the other being made a meal of by a couple of crows. At the time I just assumed they were natural deaths, but now I’m wondering whether they hadn’t been eating poisoned pigeons.

Poor pigeons, poor hawks and (presumably, after eating poisoned hawk meat) poor crows. And d@mn the so-called farmers who think spraying crops with poison is any kind of a good idea.

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so yesterday was a good day

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I noticed strange bird behavior today. Hundreds of house sparrows in trees. Starlings flocking together. Large groups of crows. I was wondering about that Hitchcock movie, Birds.

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My neighbor used a mass amount of Roundup because too lazy to cut grass.. My favorite bird numbers suddenly decreased.

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You'd better not touch with your bare hands when you find bird carcasses and such.

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Or given poisoned food.

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...traces of insecticide or herbicide...toxic substances in agrichemicals used on the crops...methomyl, thiuram and mecoprop

Maybe the people in that area there should drive a little bit farther away for their shopping of daily necessities, especially if there are any babies or smaller children or pets in the family. I would also suggest collecting some statistical data about earlier deaths, higher hospital rates of patients, related to short term or long term ingestion of anything there in that chemical hazard horror area. Make a 10 km radius, avoid shopping agricultural products and turn every stone upside down, until those terrorists are arrested and the soil decontaminated. There is surely more than only ‘pigeons’ problems and some people know it probably already.

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!!! JUST DO IT !!! You can still verify it afterwards in Wikipedia, if you don’t believe me.

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they rather trow away tons of uneaten food from supermarkets rather then let poor animals eat a few crops. Sad

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Crows and ravens will attack hawks. It's quite a sight to see. There will be several dozen ravens attacking the hawk.

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It wasn't me.

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