55% of visitors to Japan given no coronavirus info at hotels: survey


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55% of visitors to Japan given no coronavirus info at hotels

Of course not, everyone in Japan is busy.

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Why is it a hotel's responsibility to provide this information?

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Well excuse me but the only precautionary measures I've read and heard for the Japanese and its residents to take are that we wash our hands and wear a mask.

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Information about Coronavirus has been everywhere a top news since Wuhan got under quarantine in January.

Unless people went to Antarctica, to the moon, or isolate themselves from the society without any communication system or information access, whatever it is newspaper, TV, internet access, they should know anyway about the Coronavirus. An hotel can just ask customers to respect hygiene and help customers to protect from a virus within the premise

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The virus in Japan is pretty much contained. There have been no new cases as far I can tell aside from that cruise ship. That could change but for now, it's hardly an epidemic here.

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I am surprised that 45% were given information.

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What an odd question. Why should hotels actively inform about something not concerning the guest? Do other countries with also few cases do that? Haven't heard of any. If there was an outbreak, ok, but now?

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And these were tourists at a MAJOR tourist area. I guarantee that it's the number of people getting little to no information is MUCH higher if less frequented areas were included. But, since it touches on the Olympics and disinformation at the end, what do you expect from a nation that said the nuclear situation was under control when they still didn't know what was going on?

This country isn't prepared for anything, and that's not just for foreign tourists -- they don't inform the locals, either. That's why Tokyo was so scared when Matsui said in Osaka they will tell people the truth.

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Japan, which hosts the Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo in the summer, aims to attract 40 million foreign tourists this year.

Hmm. sounds problematic for sure, unless the virus peaks this month then drops off

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I think hotels only need to take precautions such as providing protective equipment for their staff, increasing cleaning on common surfaces and maybe even changing the buffet style breakfast to an order based etc.

Pushing unnecessary information will cause fear.

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In Japan's defense, no country, aside from Singapore, is giving coronavirus information. I went to Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore in business.

The way I see it, it's the responsibility of the government if they choose to and if you have to wait till the hotel to receive information. Then it's too late. The point of arrival, airport, should be the place you receive such information.

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Two days ago at Osaka (KIX) all staff were masked-no exceptions.

No information was being distributed but I was asked twice if I had passed through China.

Concerning the number of cases in Japan-the ones not being recorded by the Min of Health.

Well, they are being counted by mostly any other country and appear frequently all over the web.

Hundreds of cases places Japan at no 2 for infections,even after Thailand which doesn’t limit Chinese entry.

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If no special precautions are necessary, then no information is really needed.

In the case of hotels, any badly worded information that could be misunderstood will only unsettle guests and encourage people to cancel. I think this would be very difficult to write even for a native speaker.

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I ALWAYS get my health information from hotels...

(rolls eyes)

13 ( +14 / -1 )

Not everyone gets your joke @Bugle Boy

I would understand if you arrived in Wuhan province. But why would Japan be informing you of a virus that didn't originate and is not rapidly spreading around Japan?

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There's this thing nowadays called the Internet. It's quite useful in some ways. I think foreign visitors have probably heard of it.

6 ( +7 / -1 )

How can that be true ???. Warnings have been given that even a most important congress in kansai have been postphone to late May 2020???.Does this mean that kansai areas knows more than kanto people ???. does it mean that from hotels to restaurants and all things in kansai areas unsafe ???. Pls keep us well-inform.

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Geez...Download an App. I use the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) App for the U.S. and internationally.

Bugle Boy's response gave me a chuckle. :)

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The survey was 2 weeks ago. Its hardly relevant now in this fast changing situation.

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I'm in South Korea right now on vacation after my conference was cancelled because of the virus and the difference in response is insane...

Every major public transportation site has infrared cameras to check if anyone has a fever, there are signs plastered all the place (buses, trains, stations, shopping centres, the streets...), free alcohol sprays everywhere (even on the immigration desks at the airport), and all these signs have phone numbers and specific instructions to stop the spread of the disease (cough on your sleeve, not into your hands!).

The Japanese government is doing nothing in comparison

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What info has to be given:

Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly.

Cough/sneeze in a tissue that you dispose right away properly in a closed trash bin or at in your elbow.

If sick (temperature, pain, respiratory problems, ... ), wear a mask and go immediately to see a doctor.

Quite simple, no?

Who does not know this?

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Uh... Since when are hotels responsible fir that??

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Hotels are responsible for well being of clients.

What information to give out will be down to their management by looking at government advice with decisions by associations, head office, the boss and so forth. They might consult for legal advice, what can and cannot be asked to the clients and what to do for emergencies.

Not a big deal really and we don't want it to happen or panic too much.

Cruise ships sure have their own rules but emergency plans sometimes get messed up.... due to unexpected influence like a port refusing entry, luck of supplies or a new virus.

Visitors are recommended to check news and access their embassy website (foreign office advice) if abroad.

You feel ill? Make sure you are insured and contact insurance for their advise. Other than your health it might become very costly.

What else can we do? Wash hands, stuff tissues up nose and speak to the next person using mobile phone.

Naturally one will try to gain information from their usual news channels, social media and.... looking and talking to the person next to you.

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hooktrunk2Feb. 12  04:17 pm JST

Why is it a hotel's responsibility to provide this information?

If you're in a hotel and there's a mass murderer or an approaching tsunami or earthquake or something that poses a threat to your life or well-being, would you want them to ignore this information or share it with their customers?

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