57 new coronavirus cases confirmed on cruise ship in Nagasaki


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“Nagasaki authorities had ... ordered its crew not to venture beyond the quay except for hospital visits.

But prefecture officials said earlier this week that some of the crew had departed without their knowledge...”

Just curious about legal aspects. Are the ship owners responsible for such infractions by the crew?

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Haven’t the Japanese authorities learned anything about keeping people in cruise ships?

Obviously not...

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Ok, can we just write that off? Really.

It ponders the question, why so many ppl aboard? And why is there a cruise ship still in operation? Dry dock or not.

Idiots to say the least and not worthy of adding to negativity that is the daily news.


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How have the authorities lost crew members? Surely there were controls about who was getting off the boat.

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Today's Cruise Ships have been likened to Petri Dishes... I wonder whether people will now, still wish to book a Cruise around the World, as it's clearly not plain Sailing.

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This is a pretty bad stuff up.

Not only do they have their own precedents for this, but there are plenty of examples of how other places have very successfully handled badly infected cruise ships in this pandemic. Clearly in this case they have not.

If I were a resident of Nagasaki, I'd be pretty irate.

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If it can be shown that the crew violated quarantine (via security cameras or otherwise), Japan should ask that the crew be reduced or suspend the ship’s docking privileges. As it is, local firms doing the maintenance and repairs continue to be exposed to this growing breeding ground of Coronavirus.

Most of the ship’s crew could be sent back to their home origins, which are probably SE Asian nations like Indonesia and Philippines. This foreign ship’s personnel could needlessly tie up medical resources that are best used elsewhere in the prefecture. There can be no economic benefit worth keeping the status quo.

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Japan is a Petri dish like everywhere in the world. This is why it is called a pandemic.

What the point of blaming or even discussing the situation of this ship?

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The Japanese seem not to want to discuss any type of outside entity regarding the pandemic.

Foreign cruise ships seem to fit this paradigm.

By not doing so, they seem to be repeating mistakes from their recent past.

The authorities here seem to expect that by staying home will end the problem.

Well, when hospitals all over Japan do not receive proper advice on preventing in situ viral contagion and do not train staff nor equip them with correct protective gear then the same old tune will get played again and again...

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Japan seems to never learn from their mistakes. They are repeating exactly the same thing as they did with the Diamond Princess.

People in charge of this should be fired immediately.

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Nobody would have handled it better, in hindsight.

And look at the EU’s bungling of the disease in Europe in early March.

1) Stop blaming.

2) Move forward in cooperation and support.

3) Unlock.

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