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58-year-old man found dead in temporary housing in Fukushima


Police said Saturday that a 58-year-old man, who lived alone in a temporary housing unit in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, has been found dead.

According to police, the man had been dead for at least several days, NTV reported. An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death.

The man had moved into the temporary housing from Tomioka town which is inside the 20-kilometer no-go zone around the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. He had not shown up for work for two weeks and no one had been able to contact him, police said.

Another man who lived in the same temporary housing block alone died in January this year, police added.

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So the 'economy class' or silent death syndrome is picking up speed. If you read about two there is probably another dozen we don't know about.

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didn`t show up for work for 2 WEEKS and nobody thought to check on him. this country is really really going down hill.

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by the way checking means making the effort and visiting or having someone else visit for crying out loud,

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I don't get it. So this is some sort of poisoning from the meltdown or did he commit suicide? Miss his home so much he was heart broken?

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For christs sake! The people of this country can be so damned clueless! Not saying they cud have saved the guy but 2wks until someone knocked on the door WTF!

If there was ever a place this kind of thing cud happen its the temp housing or have some of these been converted to cemetaries without telling anyone!

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At least 15,000 people die this way in Japan every year. (Age over 65)


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That's just so sad. No one even noticed or cared for 2 weeks. If he didn't have a job, I wonder if he would have been discovered at all?

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The focus of the analysis ought to be Japanese society`s deliberate neglect of those who fall between the ever widening cracks. Whatever choices this fellow made that lead him to this lonely spot, society itself must share a measure of blame for ignoring the plight of the myriad Eleanor Rigbys desperate for just a little more empathy and compassion.

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Agree with all those who are dismayed by the amount of time it took to check in on the guy, but as this is a very societal norm (there were half a dozen articles last week -- it seemed -- about people being discovered well after they died), and getting worse, I'm not sure what can easily be done. I suppose in the case of Fukushima and people that have been relocated the government should be doing a better job with welfare services checking up on the people. I have no doubt there are a LOT more cases we are not hearing about, especially if they are suicides (not clear here what the cause was)... and we know from articles in the past there is a very high suicide rate for people still in shelters or in the areas badly effected by the disasters of last year.

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Is there an article written every time someone is found dead in Japan?

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It is a pity that the radioactive emissions coming from Fukushima haven't stopped. It will be decades before that problem is tackled !

Nuclear power apologists take note.....

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