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6 bodies found after house fire in Sendai


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House fire at night the smoke inhalation could take you out before you even wake up

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Apart from self defence devises, I have masks, water, fire extinguisher, big towels that can be watered and fireproof next to my bed. And a massive touch....stay safe

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I your post a few times but I still don't understand what a massive touch is

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Arson, someone was getting revenge on these poor people...Id be questioning the fathers of the grandchildren...

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Just got back to the US after visiting my wife's parents in Tohoku, while there, I installed smoke detectors and and fire extinguishers in their house. Glad I did!

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“..........two daughters and two small grandchildren live in the residence”

Purely speculation, but I’d say the most likely scenario is that the grandfather, exhausted mentally and probably financially having to host three generations under the one roof, decided he’d had enough.

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