6 injured after wooden maze floor collapses at Hyogo amusement park


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These mazes are a lot of fun, but I don’t know how they are legal. They seem like fire traps. If this one had a roof over it it probably wouldn’t age as quickly. But the fact that it doesn’t have a roof probably allows it to slip past some code to make it “legal”.

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How are these structures legal? Dear Lord.

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A house of cards collapsed?

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I don't know how more accidents don't take place at these 'parks'. From Disneyland to local Rollercoaster they all seem open to something going wrong. Not only mechanical but people stupidity. Still, no fun without risks

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One could say that the structure fell down like a house of cards.

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Looks unbelievably dangerous. How on earth are these death traps approved? Hoping that it is promptly bulldozed.

I hope the injured adults and kids make a full recovery.

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My kids used to love Omocha Okoku. We used to go to this one but that maze wasn't built then. Too bad this accident happened and about the two that broke their pelvises. Most of the staff there were pretty friendly when we used to go. Hopefully this doesn't spell the end of this park.

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When I first saw the headline and the picture I thought it was part of one of the 20-30+ years old amusement parks in Japan. I like often enjoy those parks and pray that those are regularly and properly inspected.

But, in this case construction in 2013 is not that old. Seems likely there is a particular reason it collapsed, other than just its age.

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But, in this case construction in 2013 is not that old. Seems likely there is a particular reason it collapsed, other than just its age.

But with no roof and all the humidity and rain Japan gets, wood ages quickly in conditions like this.

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Looks third world

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Looks fun, but like all things open to the public adequate inspection and ongoing maintenance and repair is critical. They say it’s inspected daily but it depends on what those inspections consist of.

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That's Amazing !

Yet stupendous !

safety checks every day even tho it looks aged but it collapsed?

Real safe yes lets play.

wooden structure maze attraction that becomes not amusing at an amusement park.

An onsite probe was launched on suspicion of professional negligence.

Professional carelessness where children are gathering in large numbers.

Its lucky nobody was on the second floor at the time.

But let's keep the park open even tho the police suspect professional safety negligence.

Structural integrity issues who would have guessed.

It's a maze.

My empathy for the injured.

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The Google reviews for this 'Toy Park' reveal there has been a previous accident involving injury, although not necessarily on the same maze attraction.

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Wherever I look in this country, I realise that maintenance and safety are extremely low on the priority list.

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Looks like pile of match sticks or one of those structures made from popsicle sticks. Doesn't look safe.

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I saw the structure and thought it was still under construction. This thing looks ridiculously unsafe, not to mention a huge fire risk. Are Japan's building codes not up to scratch?

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Was just thinking, what would happen if someone had a cardiac arrest or needed to be extracted from inside that structure? How would the paramedics find the person in a timely manner? They might get lost in the maze themselves. Its strange because sometimes the Japanese are super duper extra safety conscious, and yet at other times they DGAF. (don't give a f...)

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There was a horrendous fire in one of these a few years back (at least one child died) - they are death traps and should be taken down.

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Looks unbelievably dangerous. How on earth are these death traps approved? 

It's Japan. What do you expect? They also legalize window guards on houses without safety openings in cases of fires or other hazards.

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safety check of the attraction being conducted every day, according to the park.

What a joke, it's offensive that these clowns would even offer this pitiful excuse. Look at this thing, there must be a thousand joints and beams in it. Are they seriously trying to claim they check it carefully daily? What a bunch of B.S. they deserve to be sued for the gall of it.

100% guarantee that these "checks" are as thorough as the pathetic inspections of the Wakayama aquaduct bridge that collapsed last week.

Ageing infrastructure, inadequate maintenance, incompetent lazy staff. It's a disturbing theme, that is only going to get worse.

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