6 injured in 6-vehicle pile-up in Nagano


Six people were injured when two trucks and four cars were involved in a pile-up in Nagano Prefecture on Wednesday morning.

The accident occurred at around 6 a.m. on the four-lane Nagano Expressway near Omi, Sankei Shimbun reported.

It had been snowing during the night and road was icy, causing several vehicles to skid, police and firefighters said. Two trucks crashed through the guardrail and rolled several meters down an embankment.

Six people were taken to hospital with injuries. Police said the two truck drivers, one man in his 40s and the other man in his 50s, were both in a serious condition.

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Be careful people. Roads are are dangerous in winter.

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What a mess I hope these people make a full recovery.

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To break through a guardrail suggests the drivers were not driving with due regard for the road conditions....

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It's not uncommon in the . . .  for authorities to use sand and salt on                                          roads, as soon as freezing temperatures and precipitation are reported.

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I was driving last night on the Tomei from Tokyo to Nagoya and right around Mikkabi it started snowing kinda heavy, these people just sped up I could hardly see in front of me totally dangerous driving I can't believe there aren't more accidents here

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I hope and pray the injured recover completely from this.

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