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6-year-old boy falls from jet coaster at Fukui theme park


Police on Wednesday said they are investigating safety problems at a theme park in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture, after a 6-year-old boy fell from a jet coaster.

The accident occurred at the Wonderland theme park at 11:15 a.m. on Tuesday. Fuji TV reported that the boy fell from his seat to the ground four meters below and broke his ribs.

Police were quoted as saying that the same jet coaster was involved in another accident six years ago when it was rear-ended, injuring three passengers.

The most recent safety inspection in January found no abnormalities, park officials said.

The jet coaster is equipped with a safety bar and seat belt. The boy was riding it with his 9-year-old sister. Police have not yet said how the boy fell out, but said it is usual procedure in accidents of this sort to investigate the case on suspicion of professional negligence.

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Perhaps he was too small and slipped through the bar? Six years old is a little young to be riding roller coasters anyway.

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The most recent safety inspection in January found no abnormalities

Carried out by the same safety inspectors that check tunnels and elevators no doubt....

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Sad, and I feel sorry for everyone who had to witness it.

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Wow, lucky it was only a 4 meter fall.

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don't they have a height limit???!?!?!?

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too early for the 6 years old to riding on the roller coaster !

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from a jet coaster

What kind of jet? Or are we talking about a roller coaster?

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Poor kid. I wish you a full and speedy recovery, little one.

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