6-year-old boy found dead, floating in sea in Kobe


The body of a six-year-old boy was found floating in the sea Wednesday in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture.

The Japan Coast Guard contacted the fire department at around 2:45 p.m. to report the discovery near the estuary of the Shinkawa River, which flows through Kobe’s Hyogo Ward, Fuji TV reported. Police said the body was that of Rento Komatsubara, who lives in Kobe. He was rushed to hospital, in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest, and pronounced dead on arrival.

An eyewitness described the child “as floating face down in the sea” and “not wearing any clothes.” According to police reports, another witness recounted seeing the boy running along the dock earlier in the afternoon, with his upper body unclothed.

Police said they have not determined whether the boy’s death was an accident or if foul play was involved.

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Hope they find out what happened

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“Rest In Peace” little one. “Condolences” to the parents, family, friends, classmates, teachers and community for this tragic loss.

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Every summer can bring childhood joy or tragedy. - It’s best to KNOW where, and with whom, your child is ‘at all times’.

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While the manner and cause of death are unknown at this point, both the headline and “eyewitness” details(?), before and after his demise, are purposefully designed & edited, NOT to illuminate and inform the public, but to elicit plenty of speculation. - Sad, when this is done, at the expense of a tragic event for a family.

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Hopefully, we will see an expeditious and thorough followup as soon as additional information is made available. - “Thoughts” are with the grieving community and good people of Hyogo, Kobe.

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No parents or other usually caring persons around him or near, also no clothes at all? Very suspicious and so tragic.

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I have a six year old son. So tragic.

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purposefully designed & edited, NOT to illuminate and inform the public, but to elicit plenty of speculation

Police have not determined whether foul play was involved. In other words, the supposition that it was is one of their significant lines of enquiry.

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No parents or other usually caring persons around him or near, also no clothes at all? Very suspicious and so tragic.

Suspicious.. are there any parents who have reported a child missing? Rest In Peace.

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Boy was identified yet no word at all about the parents/guardians Where were/are they?

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The boy was identified, but there was no mention of the parents. Please correct me if I am wrong but isn't this the case of most police investigations, the deceased is always mentioned but the suspects are hardly mentioned. Their is a lot of things could have happened in this case. It was hot the child was partially unclothed perhaps waded out into the water and ...... or.........

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Heart breaking! More info needed! RIP

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How was the weather there, at ‘that time’ @zichi 9:35p ?? - (Blustery; rogue wave; swept out to sea and clothing (shorts) were lost?)

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so sad

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Agreed *@KWBO 9:33pm: *“Heartbreaking! More info needed! RIP” - The gods forbid it was not an accident, and something, or someone, worse. - But, IF it was just ‘an accidental drowning’ then, won’t we ALL feel manipulated by the media as posited *@5:36pm* ??

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Sorry, @zichi 9:49pm, no offense intended. - Didn’t quite catch that “lived” there as in past tense.

“We lived near there. Always very sad.” -

Thought you might have some insight about the terrain and weather as a typhoon just blew through and first thought of You there @5:39. - Peace

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Rest in Peace! Some other preventable young child drownings/water disappearances happened in Japan these past few days. All were easily preventable if parents just took their parenting duties more seriously and watched their kids.

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Sorry for the lack of compassion by *some *@rainyday 10:22pm but we can’t fault these comments’ here as much as the media. 

[That doesn't sound tragic at all. You wanted a daughter?]

“This is an article about someone’s 6 year old son dying, did you really not understand that was what I was describing as tragic or do you really think the subject of this article is something to be joking about?” -

It seems somewhat ‘hypocritical’the Olympic Athletes were well-protected from off-color commentary before, during & after their Games, built that bit of decorum has ended and is even being extended to the Paralympic Athletes. Many posters are ‘pushing it the at most “strike two” until 9pm.

Many posters know NOW they can say whatever they want, to whoever after about 9pm without an repercussions, supensions, etc. “Post sniping” is an active ‘sport’ for some until about 5:30am when they’re wipe away and everyone gets a clean slate.

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Thanks @zichi (Always cordial and informative) it gives a better idea of the area. Sadly,

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Horrible of course, and without further details, if this were a case of an unattended child, then just another tragic reminder that parents here need to parent.

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How sad, RIP little one.

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Children and water go together under supervision!

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Every Parents Nightmare.

Deepest Sympathy to the Parents.

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