6-year-old boy, hit by car on Dec 26, dies of injuries


A 6-year-old boy who sustained serious injuries last Sunday after a passenger car ran onto a sidewalk hitting him and three others members, died of head injuries on Thursday night, police said. The boy had been in a coma since the incident.

The car, driven by Tomohiro Miyata, 20, plowed into the pedestrians on the sidewalk of a four-lane straight road after running through a red light at a busy intersection in Tokyo's Denenchofu in Ota Ward. It then rammed into a power pole and the hedge of a condominium. A 9-year-old boy was killed while his grandparents were seriously injured. The 6-year-old boy was the 9-year-old's cousin.

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Definitely Mr. Miyata should be labeled a murderer, operating a 4000 pound weapon and extinguishing the life from two innocents. This man should be visited by their spirits during Obon to ask him why he did it.

RIP little one.

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Very sad. Condolences to all family members involved.

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RIP and condolences.

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Too tragic for words

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Very sad news. As for the accident and the driver, lets hear what caused the accident before fetching branding anyone a murderer. Is that okay with you martyman?

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So, will this result in any sort of crackdown or action from the j-flops to stop 99% of drivers running red lights? Sorry, rhetorical question!

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@runwithscissors, if this was your son that was involved this accident, you are a very kind person to not be emotional with the situation. The driver admitted negligence on his part operating the vehicle. I believe in Japan, once a person is no longer a new driver, they are considered a professional driver. If a driver willfully runs a red light in a busy intersection, intent is already there that they are making the choice to harm themselves or Innocent bystanders on the sidewalk.

And yes, it is okay with me, from this point forward, Mr. Miyata should be known as the man that killed two children and injured two grand parents.

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