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6-year-old girl drowns in ditch in Shiga Pref


A six-year-old girl drowned after she fell into a concrete ditch by the side of a road and was swept away by flowing water before she could be rescued, in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 3:10 p.m. on Monday. Fuji TV reported that a passerby called 119 after witnessing the child being swept away by fast-moving water in the ditch.

Police said the girl lived in the neighborhood. Due to heavy rainfall, the water level in the ditch was much higher than normal. At the time, the girl and several of her classmates were playing by the edge of the ditch and were sticking their legs into the water. However, the girl lost her balance and fell into the water and was swept 80 meters away.

She was unconscious when pulled from the water by her father and taken to hospital where she died late Monday night.

The ditch’s width and depth are both approximately 45 centimeters.

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Ditch 45 cm depth ? Really ?

That must have been beforr heavy rainfalls.


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No adults around?

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At the time, the girl and several of her classmates were playing by the edge of the ditch and were sticking their legs into the water

no adults nearby? my gosh I can't barely get over about that 7 y/o girl that was killed now a horrible mishap.

my heart really bleeds.

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My god! I was just in Koka and in neighboring Iga during Golden Week. My thoughts and prayers are with her parents.

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The article clearly states she was pulled from the water by her father so presumably there was at least one adult around.

The concrete ditches/ streams and reservoirs in Japanese cities are death traps for kids on rainy days when the pull of the water being forced through a small space is quite powerful.

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Yeah, those uncovered drains are deathtraps for kids. You can't blame the kids. It would have been a lot of fun for them. Kids seek out fun. That's what kids do! You can't really blame the adults either. You could blame a local council and government that allows these uncovered death traps in a so-called 'modern' country.

On the other hand, I have to ask, could the child have survived if the father was able to administer CPR as soon as he found her? I know CPR training is part of the high school syllabus here, but it is not very extensive. I was a senior surf lifesaver in Australia for over 20 years (I have the skin cancers to prove it) and administered CPR eight times to 'gray people' I pulled out of the water over the years, which saved their lives and another three who did not make it. Personally, I believe everybody should have an advanced knowledge of CPR and first aid, especially those with children. My first aid knowledge saved my friend's baby from choking to death on regurgitated milk. I've always said that, pre-natal courses should include an extensive CPR and first course and, it should be mandatory for all parents-to-be.

It's very sad this little girl died. The father must be very traumatised. I know how it feels to pull a grey lifeless body out of the water. It's not something you forget.

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This is just terrible news! Praying that her family finds peace!

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No adults around?

This is Japan. America was much the same when I was growing up in the 70's. Yes, kids can still play and have adventures on their own in Japan, but those open drainage ditches and holes to who-knows-where here are mind bogglingly dangerous. 45 centimeters is plenty of water to sweep away an adult. As a parent my heart aches for the father who had to pull his child out of the ditch.

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They showed the ditch on the news. It was very narrow and looked about the width of a child so she may have gotten stuck face down with fast flowing water it seems it would have been difficult to turn over

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Horrible accident. RIP. Really feel for he dad who pulled his daughter out. Absolute nightmare.

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