60 cases of child-related accidents at homes reported in 5 years


The National Institute Of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) says that at least 60 accidents at home involving babies and young children, were reported nationwide between 2010 and 2015.

According to NITE, accidents included furniture falling on top of children trying to climb up on chairs, tables or cabinets. Two accidents resulted in death, and 12 in severe injuries. Other incidents included children scalding themselves with steam from household appliances, such as kettles, and being burned by pulling on defective electrical cords and wires.

NITE concluded that 1-year-olds are most likely to be involved in such accidents inside homes, and warned parents not to let young children touch electrical appliances or play on furniture unsupervised.

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Of course not all are reported. That's the nature of humanity, and is true everywhere.

But the numbers still give a basis off which to work.

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Only have the reported ones here. There is always 0< more cases.

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Yep. So much lower than stats for abused children. People are probably deterred from reporting. I guess makers prefer paying systematically and avoid cases being investigated.

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60 in 5 years (= 1 accident a month) seems surprisingly low.

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