600 kgs of oysters harvested in Miyagi


Oyster farms in Minamisanriku, Miyagi Prefecture, which were severely damaged by the March 11, 2011 tsunami, have begun harvesting oysters for the first time since the disaster.

A spokesman for an association of oyster farmers said Tuesday that the group had harvested approximately 600 kilograms of oysters around Shizukawa Bay, TV Asahi reported.

The oyster harvesting season usually starts around September but it was delayed this year due to the heat wave and lack of rain.

On Monday, shipping operations began at a newly built temporary market.

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It's Shizugawa, not Shizukawa.

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Safe to eat?

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They looked great on the news. I love Iwate Oysters

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2nd jojo, I would like that information along with the good news for reasurance, at least if they were tested or not. I assume the would have been, so then we could assume the level is assumably safe.

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To be used as lighting.

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waltery, it is better to assume nothing.

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How about them oysters? You sure won't catch me eating them.

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