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61% believe women should continue to work after giving birth: survey


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Its upto the women not a survey.

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61% believe women should continue to work after giving birth: survey

I get the feeling that there is something missing here and this should read; 61% believe women HAVE to continue to work after giving birth because Abenomics has been such an abject failure that they have no other choice!

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The best thing for a child is to spend time with his or her loving mother and to receive nurture and care.

Right, let's talk reality. While this is ultimately the best economics say other wise in society today.

No amount of mothers love is going to put a roof over a child's head nor feed them!

We dont live in Utopia!

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@Burning Bush

The best thing for a child is to spend time with his or her loving mother and to receive nurture and care.

I believe the same can be said about the father.

women should continue to work after giving birth

The choice should be up to the mother and her partner. But taking at least some time off is necessary because she should be allowed to recuperate.

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This is all moot. Women will have to work after giving birth, as they have had to work throughout human history. The life of the middle class housewife who stays with the kids while the husband is the sole income provider is a construct that came about during the post-WW2 boom. The economy is clearly no longer supporting that aberration - it will be for wealthy people only.

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This is good news. Thirty years ago, 80% of people didn't think women should work, meaning the ones who did would be vilified and not given any support. This attitude can be seen even today with parental rotas and PTA meetings during office hours. The reason I say this is that it is not simply an individual decision for each mother. If housewives get free healthcare, a free pension, and a free to attend afternoon meetings, any woman wanting to work will have to give those things up. The system is biased for her to be a housewife if her husband can support her.

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Let the individual decide not polls and societal pressure.

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yeah i agree with some people when they say it is not a matter of choice anymore... different times. people need to work. normal thing to do imo is to stay at home with the baby for at least 1 year and then go back to work and (together with the husband) take care of her child and family. even in Japan the whole housewife thing is coming to an end.

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Matter of choice or not.

Most women get bullied from coworkers if they stay away from work too long after giving birth.

how about doing a survey about that

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I wonder if the numbers would change if it were worded as "Should women be able to go back to work, i.e., not be harassed, demoted, vilified, or otherwise demeaned if she actively chooses to have a career other than "mom". That would open up far more opportunities and make women feel enabled to follow their own path, which should be the goal of every society.

PS. Yes, men should have this choice as well. I have a couple of friends whose husbands are househusbands. I think it's great that they can make that choice.

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"It was principally driven by increasing employment rates among women and growing awareness regarding female empowerment," a Cabinet Office official said.

Not likely. As others here have pointed out, neoliberal capitalism has made it very difficult for any family but the very wealthy to live on a single income.

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The best thing for a child is to spend time with his or her loving mother and to receive nurture and care.

to some yes , but over mothering can be detrimental also. my two sisters and I were all put into daycare at an early age as our mother had to work to help our father support the family , we all grew up, got married never had any drug or law related problems and now all run our own successful businesses. We learnt independence at an early age and certainly didn't receive any less love from our parents as a result, if anything we are more respectful and thankful to our parents for teaching us at a young age the skills to survive on your own if needed, in my opinion there are too many kids today that have peter pan syndrome with parents that over mother their children and dont really need to take the scary steps on stepping out into the world solo , as they know mummy and daddy will be there to catch them if it all becomes to much. No our parents didn't just dump us on the street when we turned 18 but they made ever effort to teach us the skills to survive on our own. We are forever thankful for that

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Women should be allowed to work with reduced working hours of 4 or 5 hours so that they can devote enough time to household affairs and children.

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Good, it is important for woman to be independant. They tend to have more children because with the second salary, they can pay for their tuition and education.

They are more independant from men and it lesser mistreating on her and children.



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It is all a matter of a balance in a couple.

Today, the system barely make it possible for one the partner to take time off to take care of children properly when needed.

Having children and taking care often as needed should be praised.

And if the mother is most of the time the bedt option take care of children when small, it gets on average to the father to take the lead for grown-ups (morea action).

And I bet the answers of the survey come for modt from the fact that money is needed to live, not that because it is best option for children...

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Pay the salaryman more money and the wife can stay home like in the old days to love and nurture the kids and home. Instead its profits, profits for the board of directors, crooked politicians and overpaid CEO's.

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The problem is that to continue working, you need day care, the Public ones are insanely strict over various self-imposed rules - which for a working Mum just adds to the daily stress, and the Private ones, are expensive and not necessarily in reach of many. Also, the Public ones close much earlier than the Private ones....

Fix the attitude of the Public ones, then ... things may change.

At least for Japanese, there's always their Parents/-in-laws to whom they can dump their Kids with from time to time, though for Foreigners ... no such luck.

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Great. But nothing will change unless there is decent, affordable childcare and, more importantly, fathers, employers and society recognise that the father needs to pull their parenting weight.

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Women should do what they consider best for themselves and their family, not what some poll tells them they should want to do.

I agree with the first two posts

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