7 children injured by dog in Oita


Seven children were injured by a mixed-breed dog while on their way to school Wednesday morning in Nakatsu, Oita Prefecture.

According to police, a group of about 30 kindergarten and elementary school children were walking along at around 7:40 a.m. when they were attacked by the dog. NTV reported that six boys and one girl, aged 6 to 10, received bite marks on the arms and legs. They were taken to hospital and released later in the day.

Police said the male dog was captured one hour after the attack in a residential area about one kilometer away. It had a red collar on it but police have not yet been able to identify its owner.

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Oh my. Poor kids :(

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If the dog got out of its "enclosure", Shame on the owner, fine him and make sure he takes the proper steps to prevent this from happening again, or the dog WILL need to get put down. Dog that bites once, WILL bite again....HOWEVER....

If the kids teased the dog, as most kids do, and the dog then got out to "defend" itself, shame of the kids... and hope they learn.

As a dog owner myself, I know that I sometimes have to tell kids not to approach the dog at random and fast. Dogs are not as understanding as humans are, specially with kids that do not know how to approach an animal.

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Yes, poor kids, regardless of whether they were in the wrong in the first place. Often what kids intend as playing is taken by the dog as teasing or worse, and a dog bite is not something anyone wants to be on the receiving end of.

Also poor dog, whose owner not only failed to keep the dog safe and under his protection, but has also apparently failed to come forward to claim the dog a day after it went missing. It doesn't take a day to notice the dog isn't in its bed in the living room, or in the garden if it had been let out. If the dog had a microchip, the owner would be easy to find.

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Mixed dogs already get a bad rap here! Sorry to hear this and speedy recovery to the kids

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I feel sorry for both the kids & the dog, you ALWAYS must be very aware of YOUR dog around small children especially when there are more than one..........I don't know what it is but the small size of kids & their erratic movements can make dogs uneasy & spook them

Owner must always keep their dogs on a TIGHT leash when around people the dog doesn't know especially small kids

Sadly this dog will have to be put down, I hope the kids are all ok

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Cleo, since you're fond of the microchip implantation for pets(I agree on a voluntary basis) then this story may interest you.

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John Galt - Interesting. It's the future today! :-)

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Another instance of dog attacks in Japan. Thousands are bit annually. Dogs need to be considered as weapons and treated as such by society. Owners in many if not not most cases do not care enough about their pets to protect others from them, which is why pets are often tossed out like yesterdays newspaper by irresponsible owners. Dog registration needs to be mandatory and penalties for allowing your dog off leash in public areas should be steep. There is no excuse for this anti-social behavior. In a matter of days this will happen again and the softheaded pet lovers will again blame the victims for owner neglect and lack of appreciation of the fact that dogs are potential injuries to kids just waiting to happen. Not to mention the other disgusting habits of dogs in public that can make kids sick. Pet owners might try making real human friends instead of furry fanged four-legged substitutes.

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I wonder why the mixed-breed information is relevant.... does it matter if you are bitten by a mongrel or a German shepherd with a mile-long pedegree?

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I wonder why the mixed-breed information is relevant

It isn't. It is probably just the writer's attempt to add more color to the story.

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I wonder why the mixed-breed information is relevant

If it wasn't included you'd have a slew of speculative posts on the lines of I bet it was a pit bull/doberman/German shepherd, those big dogs are dangerous and should be banned//It was probably one of those little yappy things that no one ever bothers to train, those rat-dogs are darn dangerous and should be banned etc etc.

Actually there's a picture of the dog on Nikoniko News ( It's not that big, looks like a cross between a shiba and a ?something with a black muzzle....

According to the report there, the dog suddenly appeared out of nowhere, attacked a 6-year-old girl on her way to kindergarten and then bit some elementary school boys who came to her aid.

It still all boils down to the owner's lack of due care and attention.

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t still all boils down to the owner's lack of due care and attention.

Of course, that is a given. And second that all dogs are ticking time bombs waiting to go off when the moment is ripe, that is when a six year old girl just happens to walk by. Approximately 300,000 visits are made to emergency departments in the United States each year for management of animal bites, usually cat or dog bites. Up to 10,000 hospital admissions and 20 deaths may occur in cases of secondary infection, usually in young children. Of course some dogs just kill human outright.

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I wonder why the mixed-breed information is relevant


it is relevant for this article to let readers know as many details as available..

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